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Ravi Jha

Reads about: sanity, stupidity, traveling, trekking, piligrimage

Tarun Aggarwal

Reads about: poetry, feelings, humor, personal, emotions

Saurabh Goyal

Reads about: poetry, business, entertainment, marketing, twitter

Tanuj Solanki Tanuj Solankki is a poet from India. He is 23 year old management graduate from IIMA. He writes a lo...

Reads about: poetry, literature, writing, books, cleveland

Surbhi Bafna An ALTRUIST Damsel!!!!

Reads about: poetry, life, writing, literature, books

Rajnish Sharma Interpretation redesign the absolute phenomenon into a degree of delusions and there I am. Spectator...

Reads about: poetry, technology, literature, politics, writing

Robin George Something about me...
Hard enough to explain...
Steadfast enough to maintain...
Know me now...

Reads about: relationships, life, people, funny, interesting

Saras Ojha

Reads about: poetry, politics, real stories, literature, love

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