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Outlook8studio · 6h ago

Affordable Art. Framed Art. Art Prints.

Ever wished you could buy that original piece of art but it was just too expensive and out of reach? I know I have. Have you ever considered prints of your favourite originals? Especially...
Outlook8studio · 1W ago

Fragments. An old chair. Inspiration for new work.

As a small child I pulled things apart. Even, before I could talk, I ripped apart dolls and toys. I used to make little displays, installations of the fragments and other discarded things. T...
Outlook8studio · 1M ago

Happy New Year ! New Work. New Exhibition.

After, a much needed break it's back to work for 2018. I'm getting all geared up for my next solo exhibition, in April. I'm just waiting on a paint delivery and sorting out the studio, befor...
Outlook8studio · 2M ago

How to Stretch a Canvas for Painting

When I first started painting, the thought of stretching my own canvas was frightening, but after a few attempts of stretching a canvas it came to me automatically. I was able to make canvas...
Outlook8studio · 3M ago

Rust & Decay. Experiments with Rust Paint.

Everybody who knows me, know how much, I love metal, rust and decay. Many years ago, I collected old rusty, metal objects from the roadsides and turned them into sculptures. I also gained m...
Outlook8studio · 3M ago

Homemade Gesso Paint!

Homemade Gesso! I love Gesso paint and use heaps of it in my work. It’s gritty, chalky and can be applied to artwork to give a translucent or opaque look. It’s also very expensive so I decid...
Outlook8studio · 3M ago

The Power of an Object. Identity through Object.

One of my life- time interests is collecting vintage, antique and found objects. I believe, through objects, stories can be told, and through imagination, new ones found.
Outlook8studio · 3M ago

The Life of a Painting. Changing Back to Oil Paints.

A few years ago, I changed from oil paints, to acrylics, after I became allergic to the turps. I’m still not used to painting with acrylics as, I just love the lushness, depth and movement o...
Outlook8studio · 3M ago

Rustmatter. Limited Edition Artist Books

Connections and contrasts of imperfections, found in the urban environment, highlighting, insignificant marks, weathered surfaces and cast – offs. I am influenced by abandoned and derelict s...
Outlook8studio · 5M ago

The Old School House & Friends.

For the past decade or so, I have worked with an amazing group of women artists at the old schoolhouse in Badger Crk. Victoria. We meet up weekly to paint, throw around ideas, experiment and...