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Outlook8studio · 1w ago

New Paintings. Overland Nomadic Wandering.

In the media we are bombarded with images relating to the massive global refugee problem. My images are visual thoughts linking to the beauty of landscape and traces, the inhuman nomadic cha...
Outlook8studio · 1W ago

Old Army Blanket and Collage.

Still working on small textile collages.     I found an old army blanket from my childhood and couldn’t resist  it’s raggedy worn, loveliness and further rusted it. Leaving it in the element...
Outlook8studio · 2W ago

Working with Textiles. Textile Collage & Drawing.

I am a visual artist who works with a range of mediums and my process varies.     I use which ever vehicle helps me to express my ideas. Each work informs the other and leads onto the next i...
Outlook8studio · 1M ago

Time, Change, Erosion and Decay + Freebie Rust Dyeing Tutorial

The process of transformation. Time, change, erosion and decay are qualities I like to celebrate. I examine and explore, the properties and possibilities, of my material and want to push the...
Outlook8studio · 1M ago

3 New Collages using fragments.

100 yr old cotton textile fragments, vintage found objects, oil pigments,vintage card, linen thread, linen cloth.     The pieces of cloth are extremely fragile so each piece     needs to be ...
Outlook8studio · 2M ago

Stuck for Ideas.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck for ideas making artwork and it’s just not happening, I  like to throw a heap of things together and arrange them near my work. The items, may relate in colour, tex...
Outlook8studio · 2M ago

A new series of collages and textiles.

A new series of collages and textiles, capturing the beauty & hope in decline, before its gone.     I have been rescuing and renewing things for decades. Many of my artworks are created from...
Outlook8studio · 4M ago

Mixed- Media Collage on Vintage Book Pages

Mixed- Media Collage on Vintage Book Pages 3 abstract artworks Size: Each artwork Artwork 7.5″ x 5.5″ – 19 x 14cm Size: with matt, 10″ x 8″ – 26 x 20cm. Year 2016 “No Goodbye”   Mixed media ...
Outlook8studio · 4M ago

Wallmatter. New Paintings and more available in the Gallery.

New Paintings, sculpture and more available in the Gallery   Some are already framed others are ready to hang with all hardware attached.   Shipping included in the price! I am influenced by...
Outlook8studio · 5M ago

Small Abstract Oil Paintings. Still & Interruption.

Small Abstract Oil Paintings. Still & Interruption. The post Small Abstract Oil Paintings. Still & Interruption. appeared first on Outlook8studio.