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Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 1W ago

Here we are!

The move took the best part of a week to do. But we love the apartment and the neighbors too. So peaceful here and it feels like living in a treehouse! Meet some of our critter neighbors.And...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 3W ago

See You Next week!

Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 3W ago

Crochet Amid Moving Preps, Storms and Flooding

I put away all my crochet things save for Jack's blanket. It is in it's own bag so easy to tuck away.We should be moving in the fourth. They are resurfacing our countertops, putting in all n...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 4W ago

Still here and still crocheting!

It was sure a crazy week! We were worn out by Friday. Monday we took Sylvia to the vet. Found out she had an upper respiratory thing going and was trying to get a secondary infection too. af...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 1M ago

Sick Cat and Crochet

Little update on Jack's nose. Found out it was also broken up in the bridge area. Nothing to be done for it but let it heal. He now has a permanent bump on his nose. Now this week, Sylvia Jo...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 1M ago

A Broken Nose and Crochet

Monday did not go quite as planned! We did our grocery shopping and were putting away groceries when I heard a loud crash as I was heading into the garage. I turned around in time to see coo...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 1M ago

Chaos and Crochet

Sorry I missed you all last week. It has been hectic, with moving things into storage from the garage. It is not a lot, Jack's tools and such he will not need at the apartment. We got the ca...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 2M ago

Having A Good Week!

We have been busy this week.  Dragging furniture to donate into the garage. The sectional was the worst to get out! We will have gotten rid of seven pieces of furniture! This is our living r...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 2M ago

Crochet, tornadoes, hail and snow!

Hello again! Been a wild week weather wise but more about that later. I have pictures of the finished Twisted Comfort Lovey. I am quite pleased with her and have even started another.Also fi...
Ozarks Sew N' Sews · 2M ago

My weekend Doings!

For my weekend me time I am making a lovely. The pattern is by Inger soto.It will go to my hubby's cousins wife's granddaughter. Did that confuse you? Ha, ha! If you want to see what it will...