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Pagan Spirits · 1w ago

'You Add the Rainbow' Adult Coloring Book Flipthrough and Review

Pagan Spirits · 1W ago

8 Great Quotes From Literature

[Guest Post] It is not uncommon for some phrase to be memorized out of the whole book of our favorites. It was so catchy, so memorable or simply was in the fullness of time. Users of a popul...
Pagan Spirits · 2W ago

EBook Discounts and Specials for #ReadAnEBookWeek 2017 - March 5-11

FREE for Read an Ebook Week 2017Use code RAE75 to get The Erotica Anthology free through March 11, 2017 at Smashwords."Josephine Baker in Berlin" is also FREE through March 11th.50% Off Through March 11
Pagan Spirits · 2W ago

In a Different Key: The Story of #Autism by John Donvan and Caren Zucker

In a Different Key: The Story of Autism by John Donvan and Caren ZuckerMy rating: 4 of 5 starsI enjoy good writing about science topics, and I'm especially interested in books that explore the scientific and social history of medical conditions. This...
Pagan Spirits · 3W ago

Story Time with Erin O'Riordan: CUT Episode 17

Pagan Spirits · 3W ago

Story TIme with Erin O'Riordan: CUT Episode 16

Pagan Spirits · 1M ago

'Toys For Boys' by K.D. Grace - Release Blitz! @KD_Grace

Out Now! - Toys for Boys by K D Grace (@kd_grace)When I wrote Toys for Boys, I had already been playing around with placing myself in the story as writer, as scribe. Because I’d walked the Wainwright Coast to Coast, and because I remembered those day...
Pagan Spirits · 1M ago

#Nonfiction #Inspiration 'There Are No Overachievers' by Brian D. Biro

There Are No Overachievers: Seizing Your Windows of Opportunity to Do More Than You Thought Possible by Brian D BiroMy rating: 5 of 5 starsBrian D. Biro must be fascinating to listen to as a public speaker, because even in writing he held my rapt att...
Pagan Spirits · 1M ago

Story Time with Erin O'Riordan: CUT Episode 15

"...God and the Devil were married." Athena spins her wildly unorthodox theology to the Pastor as he prepares for the next Sunday's sermon. But something is terribly wrong with Barbara Jean....
Pagan Spirits · 1M ago

Story Time with Erin O'Riordan: CUT Episode 14

As Chapter 20 ends, Diana has to have a serious talk with Brigid. Chapter 21 brings us up to Thanksgiving 1999. Travis and Monica want to spend a restful holiday with her parents, but their ...