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Marylee Macdonald

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, reading, book reviews

Ted Ross Savage

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, literature, poetry

Ann Field

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, poetry, literature

Sheik Msheik

Reads about: books, religion, christianity, recipes, fashion

Sam Tang

Reads about: writing, technology, startups, art, humor

Nyoman Indra Jaya

Reads about: writing, books, travel, web, sharing

Jim Gormley

Reads about: books, writing, series, crime, ireland

Elvis M De-Leon

Reads about: marketing, writing, books, social media, business

Jim Quinlan a 64 year old guy,soon to be 65.I'm married and we have 7 grandchildren

Reads about: erotica, pool, billiards, history, culture

Ron Kivett I'm a 72-year-old science-fiction writer. Back in the 70s I wrote for radio, television and movies. ...

Reads about: writing, books, social media, pinterest, twitter

Isolde Kanikani

Reads about: fashion, dance, beauty, life, books

Maureen Refior I've quit my other blogs (I may ressurect The Accidental Gastronomer if I have time) and have create...

Reads about: pagan, writing, food, books, life

Marcy Simmons

Reads about: writing, travel, programming, books, technology

Trista Kimbrough

Reads about: freebies, scrapbooking, books, humor, poetry

Jessamine Price

Reads about: paganism, pagan, witchcraft, wicca, spirituality

Linda Ciufo

Reads about: crafts, art, crochet, books, life

Porsha Williams

Reads about: spirituality, pagan, poetry, writing, witchcraft

Victor Hubress A self-proclaimed master theorist, I involuntarily require the divulgation of my collected knowledge...

Reads about: art, music, books, photography, design

এম এম কামরুল ইসলাম

Reads about: books, photos, reviews, writing, family

Freddy Moulard

Reads about: books, art, spirituality, photography, reviews

Feďãĺľ Ķàštřô Anwar

Reads about: books, movies, authors, entertainment, reviews

R.K. Lander

Reads about: books, writing, author, authors, reviews

Boundless Minds

Reads about: books, reviews, blog tours, writing, authors

Alex Allan British Dissertation Writers are providing dissertation writing help to students since 2009. We are ...

Reads about: writing, books, publishing, fiction, authors

Shouryaman Saha Shouryaman Saha is a high school sophomore who writes reviews, poetry, and prose at Boundless Minds....

Reads about: books, writing, family, authors, poetry

Jessica Ramirez-Alfa...

Reads about: books, reviews, writing, romance, book reviews

Gemma Antonia Page Hi, my blogger name is Freya Rose. I am a pagan, I practice witchcraft. I love to write and read. I ...

Reads about: pagan, spirituality, witchcraft, paganism, wicca

John Leutz

Reads about: books, literature, writing, rpgs, poetry

Aman Ebro

Reads about: marketing, technology, startups, social media, books

Harikishan Kumawat I am a student

Reads about: health, spirituality, books, fitness, food

Anthony Bryant Sr. Hello, my name is Anthony

Reads about: health, faith, books, love, movies

Muffy Wilson Hi, Fellow Bloggers! I am Muffy Wilson: erotic author, blogger, Network fiend, and friend extraordin...

Reads about: erotica, romance, writing, books, reviews

Harry Grove

Reads about: crafts, books, paranormal, scrapbooking, writing

Bren Murphy Author and Self Help Alcoholism expert sharing service and reviews.

Reads about: writing, books, reviews, health, publishing

Raven A Robinson

Reads about: spirituality, witchcraft, travel, writing, art

Murielle Cyr Writer of stories and poems, lover of animals and trees, listener.

Reads about: historical fiction, books, book reviews, writing, history

Joanna Iris

Reads about: writing, food, recipes, beauty, health

Jameson Mativo

Reads about: writing, education, technology, social media, humor

Otatade Okojie

Reads about: business, books, reviews, marketing, writing

Shyanne Lester

Reads about: crafts, tarot, spirituality, native american, scrapbooking

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