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Painting Rocks & Stones Hand painted rocks - stone animals, nativity sets & more
Painting Rocks & Stones · 2M ago

Classic Design Ideas for Painted Rocks

Don't only rely on rock painting books for design ideas. Classic designs from books published years ago can easily be painted on rocks also.For instance, the book "Pat Olson's Holiday Classi...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 2M ago

How to Tackle a Rock Painting Challenge

Have you ever agreed to paint a rock then asked yourself, "How am I going to paint THAT?!"A request for Noah's Ark was my rock painting challenge because: It was a complex designI had not pa...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 3M ago

Rock Painting Video Tutorial: Glitter Bugs

Rachel Mitchell demonstrates how to paint her unique, glitter bugs on rocks in this excellent video lesson.You'll learn to to paint these shiny, glittery bugs with Rachel's videoHand-Painted...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 4M ago

Before & After Painted Rocks: Adorned Elephants

The rock shapes I chose for these adorned, painted elephants were: Round, roly-poly stone (left)Loaf shape (center)Triangular (right) My first step was to paint the elephants without any col...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 5M ago

How to Paint Baby Jesus on a Rock

Painting Rocks & Stones · 6M ago

Helpful Rock Painting Tools and Supplies

To paint a rock, all that's required is a rock, paintbrush and paint. These are the helpful tools and supplies I use to create painted rocks. These products are not necessary but they are ni...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 9M ago

Is Gesso a Good Primer for Painted Rocks?

Yes, in my opinion gesso is an excellent primer for painted rocks.Gesso (pronounced jes-oh) is used to prepare a canvas for painting. (If you would like to know more about gesso, this articl...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 10M ago

Painting a Basket of Pansies on a Rock

YOU can paint a pretty basket of pansies similar to this with the guidance of Ernestina Gallina's free tutorial.  This is my interpretation of Ernestina's tutorial and the steps are explaine...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 11M ago

4 Rock Painting Projects - No Drawing Skill Required

You don't have to be an artist to create colorful rocks.No drawing or painting skills are needed for these 4 techniques:Mod Podge a designFingerprint stonesGraphic stonesPattern tracing How ...
Painting Rocks & Stones · 1Y ago

Before & After Painted Rocks: Rabbits

You can paint rabbits on rocks or transform a rock into a rabbit.I used the shape of this smooth, flat stone to paint a rabbit holding a heart on one side and a large, plaid heart on the rev...