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Paragraph Line · 7M ago

Interview: Jon Konrath

According to his latest bio, Jon Konrath is a failed musician, former dishwasher, and horrible human being. His newest release on Paragraph Line Books is Vol. 13, a twenty-story collection o...
Paragraph Line · 7M ago

Jon Konrath’s latest is out

Jon Konrath is back with his latest dose of cough medicine, Lunchables, and insanity. Titled Vol. 13, it is twenty stories of absurd Konrathian madness, with plenty of near-future dystopian ...
Paragraph Line · 7M ago

7 steps to happiness

For the first time in your adult life, you’re happy. Instead of enjoying your happiness like a sane person, you analyze the hell out of it, because that’s what people who are not used to bei...
Paragraph Line · 7M ago

5 Hints about Explosive Decompression

Explosive Decompression, a new novel by John L. Sheppard, will be published on Sept. 4, 2016 by Paragraph Line Books. 1. Why we’re on the brink of mass extinction (The Daily Beast). 2. A mol...
Paragraph Line · 7M ago

The White Turd by Walter Rogers

Chivo and I got into my Pontiac 6000, a car I named the Exxon Valdez because it leaked so much oil, and we headed west on Interstate 30 to Las Vegas Trail in west Fort Worth. “Does Frank hav...