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Pastor Zip's Blog · 3W ago

Hating Autocorrect

Honest, I did not type "We Host These Truths..." to title my previous post of the Declarat...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 3W ago

We Hold These Truths...

Written 241 years ago, the Declaration of Independence is more than stirring words. The B...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 1M ago

The Bishop Is Elected, Again

Bishop John Roth has been elected to a second term as the fourth bishop of the Central/Southern Illinois Synod, ELCA. The vote was 160-123.Thanks be to God!
Pastor Zip's Blog · 1M ago

Electing a Bishop, Again

Elections are stranger than I once thought.[The first formal acknowledgement of a significant anniversary.]The Central/Southern Illinois Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the local church body ("judicatory") in which I serve, gathe...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 2M ago

Ascension Day Worship

The Ascension of Our Lord commemorates the risen Christ's ascension to heaven. The coronation of Christ the King is celebrated, but so in him is the enthronement of humanity itself. As Saint John Chrysostom (ca. 347-407) declared in a sermon on the...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 2M ago

Sometimes This Job* Stinks :'(

It's one of the saddest verses in the Gospels. Jesus, fresh from amazing teaching, healings and casting out demons, and even raising a girl from the dead, comes to his hometown of Nazareth....
Pastor Zip's Blog · 3M ago

Worried about the West's vanishing Christian character? Go to church!

Melanie McDonagh writes at The Spectator on the conversation of the decline of the Church of England, but it applies here in the US, too: So, I have a simple proposal for the cultural Christ...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 3M ago

Repost: Black Friday

Today is the real Black Friday.Originally posted here Good Friday 2015.
Pastor Zip's Blog · 5M ago

Hey Father!

So after eating, Todd and I are walking up University Street to the parking lot when we hear the shout, "Hey Father!" Todd spots her first, a black woman waiting in the left-turn lane who'd...
Pastor Zip's Blog · 6M ago

Community? Not!

I just heard it used again on a radio broadcast and I've had it. The speaker was representing "the hospital community." A few weeks ago a young woman described trying to break into "the mo...