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Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 2M ago

The fix is in for our subways…

The MTA has a new boss--Joe Lhota--and the guy has a plan to fix the subways. That's a good thing. I've been riding the subways my entire life and it's true--they've become more crowded, less civil and full of panhandlers. It's pretty intense down t...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 5M ago

2017– The Summer of Hate

Fifty years after that glorious summer, the United States is about to go through what can ...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 6M ago

Blogging about not blogging….

A couple of my friends recently mentioned to me that I hadn't been blogging as much lately and that's true. So why is that, I ask myself.
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 7M ago

R.I.P. Jimmy Breslin, his own best character….

I saw Breslin first-hand at his best during the days when Son of Sam was writing Jimmy those crazy letters. I was then a copy boy scouring all incoming mail for yet another letter from the serial killer. Opening mail was never as exciting again.
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 8M ago

Surry down….

I never knew what "surry down" meant, never mind "sassafrass and moonshine" so, when I had...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 10M ago

Best TV series and books of 2016, according to me….

I love end of the year lists and I have a lot of opinions and I have a blog so here is my 'Best of.." list for books and TV series in 2016. Feel free to disagree or tell me your favorites.
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 10M ago

Goodbye bodega…hello ‘caffe, ristorante’

The gentrification wave hit Park Slope a very long time ago. Gone are the people who gave ...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 12M ago

Is paying too much attention to bad news harmful to your peace of mind?

I know, I know. You're sick of hearing the word 'wellness' or maybe it's the phrase 'wellness lifestyle' that makes you grind your teeth. But it's a real thing and, as I get older and perhaps wiser, I find myself trying to surround myself with more g...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 1Y ago

True confession: I was a Hamilton ticket scalper…

New York scalpers are making a nice living out of reselling tickets to the show. In fact, ...
Paul LaRosa/Here is New York · 1Y ago

So what’s Bali like?

So what's Bali like? I've been asked that question a lot since I returned from a two-week vacation in Bali so let me try and put my thoughts in order. For openers, Bali is exotic, beautiful ...