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Pauline's Paddock · 21h ago

A few from the Wairarapa

I managed to get a few fence shots during this past week while I was in the Wairarapa.Here are just a few, mostly just ordinary farm fences. The first two are from the car window looking tow...
Pauline's Paddock · 1W ago

Taranaki fences

I'm very much an occasional blogger these days.  I don't post while I'm away from home and I've been tripping around a bit lately.    Below are some fences near my daughter's home in Taranak...
Pauline's Paddock · 1W ago

My new friend

I get the best baby sitting gigs.  This time it is Smudge, the family's new kitten.  It's the most laid back little cat I've ever come across, spent half an hour exploring the house, finally...
Pauline's Paddock · 3W ago

Foggy morn

It's that time of year when I can imagine all sorts of mystical, magical things happening up in the forest. The little people could be out dancing with the cows and we would never know.Morn...
Pauline's Paddock · 4W ago

Fence and fence supplies

The farmer's storeroom - fenceposts and haybales.Stock yardsLinking to Gosia's Fences around the World
Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

Towards home

Yesterday, mid morning on a cool, sunny day I had time for a wander around near the house on my son and daughter-in-law's "other" farm, the one on which they are milking hundreds and hundred...
Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

From back when

My mind has been taking me back to Scotland a lot lately.  Scrolling down memory lane via my photos I came across this shot of crofts.  And, thankfully, I had labelled it properly because I ...
Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

Morning, noon and night fences

It's that time of year where we often have a foggy morning followed by a clear, sunny day.And in the evening, we've had some pretty sunsets. I was driving home and hoping to get to a particu...
Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

Pataua south

One of my grand-daughters is adventuring in Thailand at the moment and constantly in my thoughts. My thoughts of her today lead me to drive out to Pataua South, where she once (or maybe twic...
Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

Working fences

The majority of fences around here have a job to do.  Either to keep animals in - or keep them out.  I took the first photo a couple of weeks ago and the other two today on my way home from ...