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Pauline's Paddock · 1M ago

Wavy fence

I can't go far in search of fences.  Luckily this one is close by.Linking to Gosia's Good Fences. 
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

Signs of summer

Summer has been reluctant in arriving this year.  Makes an appearance, then withdraws.  But I'm pretty sure this time it will stay.  All the signs are good.  The pohutakawa are flowering Tha...
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

SH 16 woolshed

I've been promising myself for ages that I'd stop and get a photo of this old woolshed beside State Highway 16 which I travel when going to and from Auckland.   I invariably enjoy my drive a...
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

More fences from around the mountain

I suppose if I lived in Taranaki I might not be quite so enamoured of Mount Taranaki.  I might get accustomed to the the sight of him as he lords it over the surrounding farmland and small ...
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

Stony Creek Walkway

A little sign beside a dirt road off State Highway 45, the Surf Highway in Taranaki pointed to Stony Creek Walkway.  I don't think it said how far up the road it was but I figured I'd go a l...
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

Barns on the Far Side

While I was in Taranaki, one day my daughter kindly offered me her car to go adventuring.  I'd told her I wanted to go to the other side of Mt Taranaki, to the coast side, to Stent Road to v...
Pauline's Paddock · 3M ago

First fences

As a tribute to Margaret at looking for identity,  who is the new hostess for Good Fences, I've found a few photos of European fences.   At a railway station somewhere between Inverness in S...
Pauline's Paddock · 4M ago

Inglewood barns

I've just returned from 10 days in Taranaki.  My daughter took me to an old barn, just off the main road, very close to the small town of Inglewood.  Don't know how I've not noticed it befor...
Pauline's Paddock · 4M ago

Stockyards fences

 A couple of paddock fences and a few more stockyard fencesA fence too far for this lambLinking to Teresa's Good Fences
Pauline's Paddock · 4M ago

Shearing shed

I thought I could see pens inside this old shed and that makes me think this was once a shearing shed.  I can't imagine that there was a natural "flow" for the sheep to enter the shed, unles...