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Paul´s Bods · 1w ago

Mounted Amazons

I´m still playing "catch up" with the Alliance range of Fantasy bods.34 sets and I´ve painted about 28-29 of them.As with the Modern Mounted Amazons I´ve swopped the nags provided for ones f...
Paul´s Bods · 2W ago

War Trolls - (Set 3)

Made By Dark Alliance4 Trolls in the set, hardish plastic, virtually no Flash.They look more like Cave trolls than the the Previous sets of War Trolls (Olog-hai) but seeing as they appear to...
Paul´s Bods · 2W ago

Fire Demons - Balrogs (Set 2)

Again, made by Dark Alliance and again, big beasts.For  my considerations on size ..see HERE
Paul´s Bods · 3W ago

War Trolls - Olog-hai (Set 2)

The second set of Trolls from Dark Alliance and in Terms of use and ..unfortunately   Quality*,  a bit of a mixed set.You get eight in the box, two lots of four poses and I´ve painted up onl...
Paul´s Bods · 3W ago

Fire Demons - Balrogs (set 1)

Made by Dark Alliance.These things are big, not quite as big as  the  Balrog  in the LotR´s film, The Fellowship of the Ring and although Tolkien was never specific about the size and appear...
Paul´s Bods · 4W ago

Orc Catapults

Produced by Dark Alliance, they appear to be  Based on the ones shown in the  Hobbit film, Battle of the five armies.I´ve stuck to the colour scheme I used for the Olag Hai,  animal characte...
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

More bits and Bods

A few bits that don´t Warrant a post all of thier own.* Two new additions to the Bodstonia Landscape, a couple of Trappers/Militia. Bodies from the Imex Pilgrims, the heads from the Imex Geo...
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

Modern Mounted Amazons

Like the Modern Amazons on foot, they have been re-assigned as Cimmerians.They´ve been given the nags from the HäT Numidian Cavalry. The nags aren´t as sturdy as the ones from the  Mounted C...
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

Modern Amazons - Foot (Mild Nudity)

Modern Amazons as opposed to ancient or classical ones.More from the Alliance range of Fantasy bods and Monsters. 10 Bodettes in the set, a wee bit of a Problem with Flash but it´s  easily r...
Paul´s Bods · 2M ago

Imagi-Nation meets reality

After reading a great book, Changes in the Land written by William Cronon,  suggested by TMP member Otto Schmidt, I´m going  mention something I wrote in a previous post of mine,  the one ab...