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Paul´s Bods · 1w ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Terrain Pt2)

Again, like the first post on  Terrain for the project, the aim is for quick, cheap, easy and durable stuff. Trees. 13 "Toytown" trees as approved by Noddy and Bigears. As and when, I´ll rep...
Paul´s Bods · 1W ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Union Infantry

4 regiments of Union infantry.Close ups  22nd United States Colored Infantry. As far as I can tell, the USCT (United States Coloured Troops) don´t seem to get much representation in wargamin...
Paul´s Bods · 1W ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - McNeill's Rangers

Conderate "Bushwackers"   to represent the 18th Virginia Cavalry and the First Virginia Partisan Rangers aka 62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry... "McNiell´s Rangers" More or less the same bods ...
Paul´s Bods · 2W ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Terrain)

Bits and pieces of Terrain keeping to the Old School  "cheap,cheerfull, robust and quick" idea behind the Project. The difficulty is trying to not get too involved with the Terrain.. the aim...
Paul´s Bods · 3W ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - "Jayhawkers"

Union "Jayhawkers" as an addition  alongside the regular cavalry.This lot are supposed to be the  7th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, aka "Jennison's Jayhawkers", which had William Freder...
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Confederate infantry

The  4 confederate regiments aimed for are now  finished. Is 80 really enough ? The 3rd Texas InfantryThe 28th Regiment, North Carolina 20th Reg. Texas Volunteers. The officer got a head swo
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Cassions

..and, Thanks to Mark I´ve finally been able to add two more limbers to the Project so every gun has it´s own limber.Along with the stuff that Mark sent there were a couple of broken limbers...
Paul´s Bods · 1M ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt6)

2 lots of CSA Infantry (40 in total) finished and based. Another 40 are nearing completion.Based according the the base sizes in the Airfix American Civil War Wargaming book, 25mm x 20mm for...
Paul´s Bods · 2M ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Artillery conversions

Some additions to the artillery..conversions using bods from the Airfix Waterloo British Artillery set.Easy..remove the frilly bits on the jackets, replace the heads, paint and base. I liked...
Paul´s Bods · 2M ago

Airfix ACW Wargaming (Pt 5) - Artillery

Slowly it´s coming together. The Artillery finished....well, sort of.  I´ve got a couple more guns and Crews  so if I get some more limbers I´ll add some more to both batteries...3 per side ...