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Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1d ago

Modern Chiropractors and Typical Misconceptions About Chiropractic Care

A lot of people continue to be frightened of trying alternative treatments, especially ch...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 4d ago

Sciatica and Low Back Pain Relief

Dr. Pazdel shows how the spine and associated nerve network can be the cause of chronic low back pain. This condition can be relieved and changed without drugs through chiropractic care. Li...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1w ago

A Quick Look at Chiropractic Sports Medicine

The whole idea of healing the body without relying on surgery or medicine is quite practic...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1W ago

How Blood Pressure Works - Wilfred Manzano

If you lined up all the blood vessels in your body, they’d be 60 thousand miles long. And every day, they carry the equivalent of over two thousand gallons of blood to the body’s tissues. Wh...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1W ago

Chiropractic Services and How They Help Remedy Back Pain

Over the past years, chiropractic has emerged as one of the most commonly utilized health ...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 2W ago

History of Chiropractic | Chiropractic Care

Learn about the history of chiropractic from Dr. Karen Erickson in this Howcast video.
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 2W ago

Chronic Headaches May Be Alleviated Without Drugs

Dr. Pazdel shows how headaches, which is the cause of millions of doctor office visits every year may be alleviated by adjusting the body which may often be the direct cause of those debilit...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 3W ago

Chiropractic - Choose a Good Chiropractor the Right Way

Chiropractic massage is a popular and effective treatment for many people, whether you ha...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 3W ago

Recognizing the Excellent Results of Chiropractic Care

One million people get adjusted every day in the United States. These people have experie...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 4W ago

Headaches Are Not Cured With Pain Meds

Dr. Pazdel explains how headaches can be alleviated with chiropractic care. Every part of the body affects another part, so headaches are often a result of another part of the body, and espe...