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Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1d ago

How & Why I Became a Chiropractor

Dr. Bejan Pazdel talks about how he became a Chiropractor. He, like many people who have never experienced a chiropractor had images of back and neck cracking, and other wild and potentiall...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 4d ago

How Does Caffeine Keep Us Awake? - Hanan Qasim

Over 100,000 metric tons of caffeine are consumed around the world every year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 14 Eiffel Towers! Caffeine helps us feel alert, focused, and energetic, even...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1w ago

Chiropractic Pain Relief Without the Side Effects

In the United States, Chiropractic is a natural way of healing which does not include any...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1W ago

Tips for Ensuring Chiropractic Treatment Is As Effective As Possible

Visiting a chiropractor on a regular basis is one of the best and smartest things you can do to reduce and eliminate chronic neck and back pain. Additionally, this treatment will help you maintain a good range of motion and flexibility. When you v...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 1W ago

Kinesio Taping as a Tool For Better Health

Dr. Pazdel explains what kinesio taping is and how it can be beneficial in moving toward health after common muscle injuries on the field and off. It is commonly used in sports to help heals...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 2W ago

Chiropractic Treatment of Whiplash Injury: What Can a Chiropractor Offer?

Each year approximately 2 million Americans suffer a whiplash type injury. Chiropractic ca...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 2W ago

How to Have Perfect Posture at Work | Chiropractic Care

As a chiropractor, I think a lot about posture. And one of the activities that seems to cause a lot of stress in most people's bodies is spending prolonged periods of time at a desk or compu...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 3W ago

Why Chiropractic Care? 5 Reasons To See A Chiropractor

If you have not tried Chiropractic care yet, it might be because your first choice when y...
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 3W ago

Why Come To Pazdel Chiropractic?

Dr. Bejan Pazdel casually talks about what sets them apart and besides the goal of achieving more wellness, he thinks of his patients as family.See more at
Pazdel Chiropractic Inc · 4W ago

Chiropractic - A Great Treatment for Back Pain

Chiropractic deals with improving the functioning of joints and the spine to treat illness...