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Peace, Love, Happiness · 1w ago

Destiny and options

"When you remember that you have many options, you will remember that you are in charge of your life."The Daily Om
Peace, Love, Happiness · 1M ago

Rocky Road

The holidays were rough for a number of reasons, mainly The Captain spent a big chunk of t...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 2M ago

Pet Grief

When I lost my sweet Betsy, the grief was as overwhelming as losing a member of the family.  To make matters worse, it was during the Christmas season.That was back in 1999, the end of a dec...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 4M ago

Encourage Yourself

Dress You Up (12 Inch Formal Mix) | MadonnaTreating yourself with the same gentlenessand respect you afford others can giveyou the strength to accomplish what you want in life.Feelings of un...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 5M ago

Fear of Moving On

Either you decide to stay in the shallow endof the pool or you go out in the ocean.Christo...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 5M ago

Support of your loved ones

Time Waits For No One | Robbie NevilThe strength that your loved ones give you could inspi...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 6M ago

The Defense Mode and Falling Down

Falling Down (Sebastian Leger Vocal Mix) | Duran DuranThere are some lines in the song "Falling Down" that have inspired me today:"Why has the sky turned gray? Hard to my face and cold on my shoulder.  Why has my life gone astray?  
Peace, Love, Happiness · 6M ago

Mistakes are the portals of discovery

Mistakes are the portals of discovery.James JoyceLove the quote!Artists and creative types will relate to the quote for sure.When I've worked on creating jewelry or sewing, often a mistake b...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 6M ago

Understanding the source

Emotion | The Bee GeesTaking time to understand the source of our emotions can help us resolve them and regain our centered state of mind. Feelings of confusion or uncertainty are often an indication of unresolved conflict within us.  If we simply tu...
Peace, Love, Happiness · 6M ago

Fear and Emotional Honesty

Tell Me Why | The Beatles It is sad to live in a world where honesty is feared.  People a...