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Peacenews Peace on Earth. Peace with the Earth.
Peacenews · 16h ago

Korea: Don’t Let Trump Normalize Genocide | Stanley Heller

A country has a right to defend itself from an actual attack, but not to wipe out the entire nation of the offending government. For more information about, visit the website.
Peacenews · 16h ago

PEP Talk – Think Locally, Act Locally! | George Gantz

If you need a break from all the bad news we keep hearing about on the global stage, then check out some good local news in the new PEP Talk from Promoting Enduring Peace – Think Locally, Ac...
Peacenews · 1d ago

Anti-pipeline activists across the country unite to #StopETP | Waging Nonviolence

Last week, nearly 20 actions in 10 states targeted Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access pipeline and many other damaging fossil fuel projects. For more information ...
Peacenews · 2d ago

Shana Tova-For A Sweet Year as Full of Human Rights as the Pomegranate is Full of Seeds | Arik Ascherman

I started to write these words flying back from Washington DC to join my family for Rosh HaShana and am hurriedly completing them before the holiday begins. For more information about peacen...
Peacenews · 2d ago

Telling Local People’s History: An Interview With Hartford Activist Steve Thornton | Andy Piascik

Steve Thornton has been an activist in Hartford since moving there in the 1970’s after graduating from the University of Connecticut. He worked for many years for the Hartford-based health c...
Peacenews · 2d ago

Broad coalition escalates campaign against London arms fair | Waging Nonviolence

In London, thousands of protesters have been taking direct action to shut down one of the world’s biggest arms fairs. For more information about, visit the website.
Peacenews · 4d ago

5th Annual Climate and Creation Stewardship Summit to focus on water, Oct. 28. Hamden, CT

As an interreligious group, IREJN takes care to undergird their event with the theological basis for climate justice and environmental concern. They do their best to represent multiple fait...
Peacenews · 4d ago

The Desperate Science and Politics of Climate; Chubb Lecture by Bill McKibben Oct. 10, New Haven

Bill McKibben to deliver Chubb Lecture at Yale University, Woolsey Hall in New Haven Oct. 10. For more information about, visit the website.
Peacenews · 4d ago

Palestinian Human Rights Defender Arrested for a Facebook Post | Global Voices

The Palestinian Authority is continuing its crackdown on free speech in the West Bank, this time arresting prominent Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro for criticizing a journalist'...
Peacenews · 4d ago

A Celebration of the Life of Mary Johnson 2-5 p.m. Oct. 1

Mary Johnson’s family was an important part of her life, but an equally significant part was her ongoing labor, peace, civil rights and social justice activism and the relationships forged i...