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Peacenews Peace on Earth. Peace with the Earth.
Peacenews · 5h ago

Who Are the #Istanbul10? Jailed Human Rights Defenders in Turkey | Global Voices

Nalan Erkem works for the Helsinki Citizen’s Assembly, an organisation promoting peace, democracy and civil society engagement throughout Europe. She faces travel ban in the fake charges of ...
Peacenews · 5h ago

Environmental and land activist killings hit an all-time high | openDemocracy

“This report tells a very grim story. The battle to protect the planet is rapidly intensifying and the cost can be counted in human lives,” says Ben Leather, a campaigner at Global Witness. ...
Peacenews · 5h ago

Florida town petitions to replace Confederate monument with beloved manatee | RT America

In April this year, New Orleans began the planned removal of several Confederate monuments in the city, including the statues honoring Lee, Davis, and General P.G.T. Beauregard, who was born...
Peacenews · 5h ago

‘Chasing Ice’ Climate Film to Be Shown 6:30 p.m. July 27 | PEPeace

To reveal the impact of climate change, James Balog founded the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), the most wide-ranging, ground-based, photographic study of glaciers ever conducted. For more informa...
Peacenews · 17h ago

Coalition paves way for Palestinian homecoming after 20-year displacement | Waging Nonviolence

Unjust scrutiny and attack are already part of Palestinians’ daily life, and the coalition behind Sumud is encouraging internationals — and Jews in particular — to join them in their struggl...
Peacenews · 2d ago

NEW: PEP Talk – Peace in the Western Hemisphere!

The first PEP Talk reports on the end of war in the Western Hemisphere and the factors that led to such a remarkable outcome. You can subscribe to the PEP Talks' YouTube channel: PEP Talks ...
Peacenews · 2d ago

Irish president meets leader of anti-Israel boycott movement | The Times of Israel

Israel protests after Michael Higgins shakes hands with 2017 Gandhi Peace Award recipient Omar Barghouti at trade union conference and praises organizers for inviting him. For more informati...
Peacenews · 2d ago

A Global Movement To Confront Drone Warfare | Medea Benjamin

It’s time to universalize resistance. Moving forward, finding more effective ways of universalizing resistance to militarism across issues and continents, is key to building a more peaceful ...
Peacenews · 3d ago

Progress too slow on global goals for sustainable development, U.N. says | Reuters

War and violence led to some 65.6 million people being forced from their homes at the end of 2016, an increase of about 300,000 people over the previous year For more information about peace...
Peacenews · 3d ago

The Torture-Friendly Trump Administration | Medea Benjamin

Only stupid people say torture works — and one of them is sitting in the White House. For more information about, visit the website.