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Peacenews Peace on Earth. Peace with the Earth.
Peacenews · 4h ago

More precise U.S. nukes could raise tensions with Russia | Science | AAAS

Russian President Vladimir Putin complained to journalists last year about a risky expansion of nuclear weapons systems across the board. “Your people,” he said, referring to the United Stat...
Peacenews · 7h ago

United Nations: Countries to kick off talks on global nuclear weapons ban | Pulse

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom said at the UN last week "Quite a high number of countries are actually interested in saying we have to break the deadlock that has been on this iss...
Peacenews · 16h ago

Lessons from the Nuclear Freeze | Boston Review

"If Reagan had previously shown a cavalier willingness to launch a nuclear war, he now spoke of avoiding war and emphasized peace." For more information about, visit the websit...
Peacenews · 1d ago

While Trump talks tough, US quietly cutting nuclear force | The AP

The 400 remaining deployed ICBMs would be the fewest since 1962, according to a history of the force written by Hans Kristensen of the Federation of American Scientists. For more information...
Peacenews · 1d ago

The public favors cutting defense spending, not adding billions more, new survey finds | Center for Public Integrity

Public opinion is again at odds with Washington about how to spend tax revenues, as most support reductions in federal military and homeland security spending For more information about peac...
Peacenews · 2d ago

Omar Barghouti, winner of the Gandhi Peace Award, arrested in Israel on suspicion of tax evasion | New Haven Register

“I think it’s a general thing. They’re trying to smash the BDS movement in a lot of ways,” said Stanley Heller, administrator of Promoting Enduring Peace. “The president of Israel said BDS i...
Peacenews · 4d ago

A Famine is Never Just a Famine — It’s Political Violence By Starvation | UN Dispatch

Raising money to combat famine comes with its own set of challenges, especially as international attention and resources are focused elsewhere -- not helped by plans by the Trump administrat...
Peacenews · 4d ago

10 ways movements can encourage and support whistleblowers | Waging Nonviolence

So, what can activists, organizers and movements do to encourage and support whistleblowers? For more information about, visit the website.
Peacenews · 5d ago

Palestinian Committee Statement on the Arrest of Omar Barghouti for ‘tax evasion’

BNC Statement on Israel’s Ongoing Campaign to Silence Omar Barghouti & Repress the BDS Movement: "Omar is currently enduring a fourth day of interrogation." -- evidently why we haven't heard...
Peacenews · 6d ago

Trump budget: an extra billion dollars for nuclear weapons | Center for Public Integrity

His draft 2018 budget would drastically curtail State Department spending and foreign aid and end financing for the U.S. Institute of Peace, but boost the budget for nuclear weapons producti...