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Pediatric OT Tips · 6d ago

Have OT services made a difference in your child’s life?

Pediatric OT Tips · 1W ago

Clothespin Activities for Fine Motor Skills

The following clothespin activities will help your child strengthen the fingers, which wil...
Pediatric OT Tips · 1M ago

Addressing Auditory Defensiveness

Auditory defensiveness is an over sensitivity to sounds in the environment.  Children with auditory defensiveness may present with some or all of the following symptoms:* Seems unsettled or ...
Pediatric OT Tips · 2M ago

Free Visual Perceptual Skills Worksheets!

Visual perceptual skills are how the brain makes sense of the information the eyes take in and gives that information meaning (for example, finding a toy in a toybox). Visual perceptual skills are important for writing, reading, working math problems...
Pediatric OT Tips · 2M ago

Developmental Milestone Chart: 18 to 24-Months

Your 18 to 24-month old baby is growing and learning new skills quickly. He is likely knows the meaning of simple objects, names items in a book, understands simple verbs.  The following developmental milestone chart will give you an idea of what ...
Pediatric OT Tips · 2M ago

Free Holiday Worksheets for Visual Perceptual Skills!

Here are 4 free holiday worksheets that address visual perceptual skills. Visual perceptual skills are the ability to efficiently process visual information. When a child has visual perceptual problems, it can lead to challenges with writing, eye-han...
Pediatric OT Tips · 2M ago

Free Visual Perceptual Worksheets: Matching Shapes

Have fum with these free visual perceptual worksheets!When toddlers explore their surroundings, they discover that certain things have similar characteristics while others are different. They eventually learn to sort items by particular characteristi...
Pediatric OT Tips · 4M ago

6 Ways to Improve Your Little One’s Motor Skills While You Work Out

Photo Credit: By Let’s face it: many parents have no choice but to become excellent multitaskers. If you can’t help with homework while also folding the laundry,...
Pediatric OT Tips · 4M ago

Developmental Milestone Chart: 12 to 15-Months

Your 12 to 15-month old baby is learning new skills at a rapid rate. He is likely pointing to get the attention of others, drinking from a cup and feeding himself a snack.  The following developmental milestone chart will give you a general idea ...
Pediatric OT Tips · 5M ago

Free Visual Perceptual Worksheets!!!

Visual perceptual worksheets are a fun way for students to work on visual perception skills.  As a special thank you to my readers, I am sharing these free visual perceptual worksheets!   The following worksheets address Visual Closure.Visual Closu...