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PennyDog PennyDog Patchwork (and illustration,

English - Patchwork, Sewing, Quilting
PennyDog · 1M ago

2018 Finish Along Q1 – Goals

Does anyone visit this blog anymore? I’m going to continue anyway, It’s a good record for me to look back on, but I’m not sure if anyone else is here. I’ve had some issues with it being hack...
PennyDog · 1M ago

A final Finish Along contribution – the reupholstered chairs!

Happy New Year! I really didn’t want to take out all those staples and fight with the crappy paint again, but I did. New Year’s Day was the day for me, so still technically sneaking it in be...
PennyDog · 1M ago

Upgrade your tabletop ironing board!

I hope you are having a nice peaceful holiday season! I’ve been back at work since Boxing Day, but trying to get back into the swing of things, blog wise and all. If you’re anything like me,...
PennyDog · 2M ago

PennyDog Vlog #22 – December 18 2017 – Lots of Fabric!

Oh I went shopping this weekend! I’ve also discovered what a godsend the 36 inch wide cutting mats are… plus I actually found ORIGINAL Tula Pink Bird and the Bees fabric here in Calgary! And...
PennyDog · 2M ago

How to prepare curved edge shapes for applique – with turned edges!

If you have an applique pattern that needs circle, ovals or petals, I have a favourite way of turning those edges under for turned edge applique. Then you’re ready to sew by machine or by ha...
PennyDog · 2M ago

Pattern Hack : Squiffy Crossbody Bag by Mrs H in directional fabric

This is a really gentle hack, but essential if you have prints that are one direction- that is there’s nothing upside down or on it’s side, fabrics that you definitely have to use a certain ...
PennyDog · 2M ago

PennyDog Vlog #22: Craft fair display and pricing

A little lecture on pricing your goods, three new bags (I show you two a little closer) plus a look at what my stand at the craft fair on Saturday will look like!
PennyDog · 2M ago

Pattern Hack : Adding a flap to secure cards on the Boon Wallet

I apologise for only making a video tutorial on this, I have another hack or two up my sleeve, and I promise to do a photo and text version of the tutorial only. You will need the Boon Walle...
PennyDog · 2M ago

Vlog #21 – Craft Fair Boons

Things didn’t quite go to plan as I booked on to do a craft fair before Christmas and needed to make stock! I’m now making for a craft fair in under two weeks!
PennyDog · 3M ago

Vlog #20 – November 13 2017 – OK, Enough With The Bags

I’ve made more bags! Don’t worry, I plan to start making a quilt this week!