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PenPaperPad What's life like through half-closed lids
PenPaperPad · 10M ago

Walking by Faith | A.M. Leibowitz | Blog Tour

Aloha dear reader, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite writer buddies, A.M. Leibowitz. I’m the next to the last stop on her blog tour promoting her new book, Walking By Faith. I’...
PenPaperPad · 11M ago

Fantastical #OctPoWriMo

They gathered round black feathers slick drops splash against stain the skin wings-spanned mountainside flutters soft at first, the furious, furring sand pulling and spinning stealing air, s...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

My Writing and Depression

I feel like I should grab my virtual broom and start knocking the cobwebs off of this blog. I haven’t posted in here since June. JUNE. You may have forgotten I existed or have moved onto som...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

It happened again last night | Poetry

Hold the fork just so. Do not like the prongs scrape against the white porcelain slathered with the red sauce that gives you heartburn, but is his Mama’s recipe. Do not breathe too heavily. ...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

Insomniac Song (spokenword)

This is a spoken word piece that I wrote years ago that was about not getting any sleep. I’m posting this piece as response to The Reverie Journal‘s prompt for this week that was about fight...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

Watch “Laura A. Lord: Boudoir Photos, Self-Esteem, & Poetry | PenPaperPad Talks Books” on YouTube

I know I’ve introduced you to Laura my cohort at The Reverie Journal. Here we discuss a whole menagerie of things- aging, self-confidence small town living, and learning to love yourself. Al...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

The Moon Curse (A Short Story)

Princess Tatiana adjusted the lace at the end of her ballgown, looking out among the people. The most affluent, the most elite were at the St. Williams Gardens tonight to ostentatiously cele...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

Spring Cleaning- Flash Fiction

Louisa Mae impatiently blew a tuft of stringy hair out of her eyes and heaved a breath. The clean scent of lemon was overwhelming but comforting. She felt more comfortable when things were n...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

Her Happy Place | #1000Speak

She drinks in the morning’s gentle glow, watching rich plums, fade into rouge, orange peaks unfolding, and finally bright yellow chases away lingering tendrils of inky night skies. Even the ...
PenPaperPad · 1Y ago

Watch “Call for submissions | Horror Anthology | Tamara Woods” on YouTube

For more info: Good luck! The post Watch “Call for submissions | Horror Anthology | Tamara Woods” on YouTube appeared first on PenPaperPad.