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Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

On the unpacking of books

‘The unpacking of books, perhaps because it is essentially chaotic, is a creative act, and as in every creative act, the materials employed lose in the process their individual nature: they ...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

On ‘high culture’

‘Like you, Professore, I cannot abide Rock music. My stomach turns at most television, at ...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

‪On the gift of lice‬

‘It’s almost impossible to comb your own hair for lice when you have long hair. It reminds me that you can’t do everything for yourself, that we are in fact primates, that the social contrac...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

‘The Jolly Swagman’

Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

Christmas, and not lying about the world

When Herod saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, he was infuriated, and he sent an...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

James Denney on Christmas celebrations

‘The Christmas celebrations in many churches … are an appeal to anything and everything in man except that to which the gospel is designed to appeal’. – James Denney, 1902.
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

Uncle Jan and his garlic

I reckon that my Uncle Jan grows the best garlic in Australia. So it’s good to see his hard work – and bio-dynamic farming really is labour intensive. Try clearing 250 acres of weeds and roc...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago


They were returning from the clinic in Yaqubi district. [Name] was a teacher at a little s...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

When church architects experiment with ‘untheological ideas’

This morning, I’ve been packing up books, making ready some space for what promises to be ...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2M ago

Talkin’ ’bout the Reformation

Geoff Thompson (Pilgrim Theological College) and I were recently interviewed by Penny Mulvey for a little article in Crosslight. The topic? The Reformation project – what it was about once, ...