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Per Crucem ad Lucem · 20h ago

Rethinking the Roles of Church and State in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

The ABC Religion and Ethics site has posted some of my thoughts around Australia’s same-sex marriage debate [sic] here.Filed under: Church and State, Marriage, Theology
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1d ago

‘What kind of resistance is possible against a world without mercy?’

The LARB has published an interesting essay by Wen Stephenson that draws upon wisdom from Hannah Arendt for those living at the dawn of a new ‘era of increasing global instability, ripe for all the varieties of political and social evil’. The essay i...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 2d ago

Marilynne Robinson on Writing

‘Writing should always be exploratory. There shouldn’t be the assumption that you know ahead of time what you want to express. When you enter into the dance with language, you’ll begin to fi...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

… in a little corner with a little book

‘I have sought for happiness everywhere, but I have found it nowhere except in a little co...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

Luther, Protestantism and Society

This should be fun.  Filed under: Conference, Martin Luther, Protestantism, Reformation, Theology
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

AG Lionel Bowen on the principles for an Australian Human Rights Bill

Hear, hear: ‘A strategy of compliance with international human rights standards which does not involve legislative definitions of rights must be half-hearted and hollow, if not suspect. Thos...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

The Original 1851 Reviews of Moby-Dick

On first inspection: some amusing and intelligent reviews here of Moby-Dick, published in the year of the release of that book well described as a ‘tale … disfigured by mad (rather than bad)...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

The Eucharist and (unbridled) Capitalism

‘For the early Christians the ceremony of the breaking of bread – the Eucharist – was inti...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

A Statement from Christian Ethicists Without Borders on White Supremacy and Racism

  I am one of a growing list of signatories of the statement below. If you are a Christian...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

on white christendom

‘White Christendom in America survives pathetically. The traditions and ethics of the inherited, white denominations – as their adherents sense privately, and everyone else acknowledges open...