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Per Crucem ad Lucem · 13h ago

David Bentley Hart on the death penalty

David Bentley Hart has written an excellent little piece (a review of Edward Feser and Jos...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

Reformation and Secularity

Recently, I was invited to give a paper to the University of Divinity’s Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy. The event was billed as ‘Luther, Protestantism and Society’, and was a low-key way to mark Reformation Day. There was, however,...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 3W ago

Karl Barth: Gottes fröhlicher Partisan

Filed under: Karl Barth, Theology
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 4W ago

Divine bias

‘Our world still needs to learn that the reason every person and every kind of person must...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago


After the wake and speeches, when the guests in black Had with the charm of ordinariness Dispelled the gross terror of a fellow dead (Eyelid grown waxen, the body like a sack Bundled into th...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

Why teach and study (and fund) the humanities?

Amen! The NYRB has just published a(nother) brilliant piece by Marilynne Robinson. The entire essay is well worth reading, and re-reading. And here’s a snippet: Why teach the humanities? Why study them? American universities are literally shaped arou...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

Pope Francis: The dynamic word of God cannot be moth-balled

A little something for the Catholic cats and pigeons to have fun with: Tradition is a living reality and only a partial vision regards the “deposit of faith” as something static. The word of...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

Peter Brown on Sarah Ruden’s translation of St Augustine’s Confessions

While some reviewers have found Sarah Ruden’s recent translation of St Augustine’s Confessions unnecessary, ‘jarring’, and marked by too many ‘aesthetic costs’, many, it seems, have welcomed...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

What to do with your Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey form: a 5-step guide

Step 1. Draw a pretty picture of yourself on the form. Claim it as ‘yours’. Step 2. Add so...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

Theological ‘bush camps’

There is a wonderful little documentary here on the Hermannsburg Mission and the work of the theological ‘bush camps’ organised by the Finke River Mission as part their commitment to the con...