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Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1d ago

‘The Last Day’

When the last day comes A ploughman in Europe will look over his shoulder And see the hard furrows of earth Finally behind him, he will watch his shadow Run back into his spine. It will be m...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 4d ago

Responding to the Anthropocene

Filed under: Anthropocene, Theology
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 4d ago

When Footscray had a beach, and the Maribyrnong River flowed through ‘grassy country’

It’s a cold day here in Melbourne, perfect weather for catching up on a bit of reading. So...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

Three remarkable Australians

In recent days, I’ve enjoyed watching these three wonderful interviews: Graham Long Gillian Triggs Tim Winton Filed under: Australia, Tim Winton
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1W ago

Free article on George Mackay Brown

Some readers of this blog may be interested to read my recent essay on the work of the Orcadian writer George Mackay Brown. The essay, which was published in Pacifica, is currently available...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 4W ago

‘Holiness in Victorian and Edwardian England’

I was honoured to have been invited to contribute a little piece for a Festschrift being p...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

When is political power legitimate?

‘When is political authority legitimate? When does the state have a status and function th...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

‘My mother’s God’, by Geoff Page

My mother’s God has written the best of the protestant proverbs: you make the bed you lie ...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

‘Grace always bats last’

A confession: I’m not normally a fan of TED talks (especially the religious ones), but every non-fan ought to at least live with the possibility of making an exception every now and then: ‘T...
Per Crucem ad Lucem · 1M ago

Physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, and capitalism

There’s a good little piece here by Daniel Fleming, who reminds us of the larger economic context in which debates about physician assisted suicide and euthanasia are taking place; and, shou...