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Persona · 1d ago

John Pavlovitz – To The Men on the Other Side of #MeToo

This is a strong word that needs to be heard by all of us, men, in the context of the #MeToo campaing. Listen: As I watched my social media feeds fill up over the past two days, with hundred...
Persona · 1d ago

26 octombrie, Universitatea Iasi – Reforma Protestanta intre Apus si Rasarit – Simpozion International Interdisciplinar

Universitatea ‘Al. I. Cuza’ Iasi Data: Joi, 26 octombrie Loc de desfășurare: Aula „Gheorghe Asachi” Program 9:30 – 10:00 Înregistrare 10:00 – 10:10 Cuvânt de deschidere Prof. univ. dr. Alexa...
Persona · 2d ago

Scot McKnight – Bury The Word “Evangelical”

Scot McKnight, at the centre of the picture [This ia stern warning from a leading evangelical. We better listen. And, I openly admit, I fully agree with Scot.] It’s time to bury the word “ev...
Persona · 2W ago

Dewi Hughes – A Tribute to a Great Man of God

Dewi Arwel Hughes I just found out that my dear friend Dewi Arwel Hughes went to bee with the Lord. May he rest in peace with the saints! I met Dewi for the first time in February 2007, at L...
Persona · 2W ago

Europe’s Secessionist Movements

In the light of the referendum in Catalunia, this map speaks volumes about the present fragmentation of Europe. In my opinion, the only way out of this madness is in a united Europe of regio...
Persona · 3W ago

What’s Missing from the Pope and Patriarch’s Statement on Climate Change – Public Orthodoxy

Source: What’s Missing from the Pope and Patriarch’s Statement on Climate Change – Public Orthodoxy O blatantly neoliberal view of ecology – with the worship of the so-called ‘free market’ a...
Persona · 3W ago

Euharistia în protestantism

Originally posted on Reflecții creștine: Subiectul Euharistiei incită și astăzi, după milenii, spiritele. În vreme ce unii consideră că este o taină, iar alții văd în împărtășanie doar un ac...
Persona · 3W ago

Richard Rohr on The Evolution of Mystic Consciousness

Let’s take a look at the history of mysticism to find our roots and see how we had it, how and why we largely lost it, and to recognize that now we are in the midst of a rediscovery and new ...
Persona · 4W ago

Richard Rohr on ‘Incarnational Mysticism’

Years ago, someone asked if I could sum up all my teachings in two words. My response was “incarnational mysticism.” The first word, “incarnational,” is Christianity’s specialty and should a...
Persona · 4W ago

Post-Truth – Public Orthodoxy

Source: Post-Truth – Public Orthodoxy Here is an Orthodox theological view of post-truth. A tough one.Filed under: Orthodox, Theology Tagged: post-truth