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Peter's Paris · 1W ago


I have now moved to my new address… and should be out on the Paris streets, preparing some posts for my blog. However, all the funny movements and too heavy lifting (?) resulted is sciatica....
Peter's Paris · 3W ago


My kids persuaded me to change address. This means that I will make a little break again in blogging – painting, cleaning, sorting, packing, unpacking… Please give me a week or two! 
Peter's Paris · 4W ago

Andalusian holidays (4)

To finish with the reporting on our Andalusian holidays…. We went south, first to Jerez de...
Peter's Paris · 1M ago

Andalusian holidays (3)

So, for the third time, we went to see Granada and Alhambra. It’s worth it and we thought especially of the kids – something to remember. Once more, I ask you to revert to a previous post. B...
Peter's Paris · 1M ago

Andalusian holidays (2)

The house which we had rented (see preceding post) was quite close to Sevilla, but even cl...
Peter's Paris · 1M ago

Andalusian holidays (1)

With the kids and the grand-kids, we once more rented a house for our summer holidays, thi...
Peter's Paris · 2M ago

A break again...

Will be away for some three weeks or so... to be spent with kids and grand-kids. I'm quite sure we will not suffer from the cold climate. 
Peter's Paris · 2M ago

The Holy-Trinity Cathedral

Since last year we have a second Orthodox Cathedral in Paris, the Holy-Trinity Cathedral. ...
Peter's Paris · 2M ago

The Saint-Laurent Church.

Maybe I cannot “leave” the Rue de Faubourg Saint Martin (see my two preceding posts) witho...
Peter's Paris · 2M ago

More from Rue du Faubourg Saint Martin.

Referring to my latest post about the disappeared department stores and Rue du Faubourg Sa...