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Pets & Critters Nook · 2d ago

Cat Meets Dog: How to Ensure a Happy and Safe Cohabitation

There is no reason that a dog and a cat can’t live together in perfect harmony. They’re not natural competitors in the wild and don’t actually have any beef with each other; dogs just happen...
Pets & Critters Nook · 2d ago

Can You Still Care For Your Dog If You're A Super Busy Person?

Owning a dog is one thing, but providing it with the care and attention it needs is quite another. With our busy lives, few people have the time they’d like to properly take care of their do...
Pets & Critters Nook · 3d ago

Special Care for Dogs with a Leg Injury

Dogs can communicate emotions such as happy, nervous or excited quite well. However, dogs aren’t able to let their owners know their pain level. In fact, they may try to go about their norma...
Pets & Critters Nook · 6d ago

Rabbit Reproduction

Our  doe lionhead bunny, Pippin had a first pregnancy and gave birth  to four kits on March 5th.  That's roughly 5 weeks after we brought the  two lionhead bunnies home.  We didn't even know...
Pets & Critters Nook · 1W ago

Heckin Happy Puppers: Keeping Your Pooch Healthy and Content

Our dogs have tell-tale ways of letting us know how they feel. The obvious one? A wagging tail. But there are also more discreet behaviors: playfulness, lack of destructive activity, sleepin...
Pets & Critters Nook · 1W ago

Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed: Keeping A Cat Happy

(Image Link)Cats are very complex and emotional creatures. Like humans, they need to have a goo
Pets & Critters Nook · 1W ago

The Coveted Cat Translation Dictionary

If there’s any problem with cat ownership, it’s that your cat can’t talk to you. Sure, they can communicate with purring and meowing, but they can’t be specific. However, there are a few way...
Pets & Critters Nook · 1W ago

Caring For Your Feline

It’s takes a lot of patience to prepare your children for a new pet and welcome it into your family. You have to do your research into different breeds, and determine which kind of furry com...
Pets & Critters Nook · 2W ago

Rabbit House for our Four Lion Head Bunnies

When we got  the two lion head bunnies back in  January, we didn't anticipate that we will have new babies five weeks after that, whew.  Pippin (our doe bunny)  actually had four kits but tw...
Pets & Critters Nook · 2W ago

How to Manage Acid Reflux in Dogs

Acid reflux is fairly common in dogs and it is treatable. It occurs when there is a build-up of acid in the stomach which can be caused by obesity, eating inappropriate foods (usually human ...