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Pharmaceutical Journal · 16h ago

Are you a pharmacist with OCD? You’re not alone, and there is help out there

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can be an added stressor to an already challenging job in pharmacy. Corrinne Burns caught up with pharmacists living with symptoms of the condition to fin...
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1W ago

Being part of the first intake of University of Sussex pharmacy students was a great opportunity, not a risk

Hira Ghani describes her experience of completing her first year of study at the recently established school of pharmacy at the University of Sussex.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 3W ago

Moving from retail to industry: a letter to all pharmacists

Former community pharmacist Vikesh Lad describes his new career at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Balancing the ethical and commercial pressures of community pharmacy

In community pharmacy, there is a perception that pharmacists struggle with balancing commercial pressures with the safety and ethical aspects of patient care. Sean Quay and Mohima Akhtar as...
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Mindfulness: a solution to unconscious bias in healthcare?

The practice of mindfulness — being fully present and aware of the moment — is gaining traction, and it could be a useful technique to reduce unconscious bias and provide equity in healthcar...
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Most popular research briefings of 2017

Catch up on this year’s most read clinical trial stories, many of which cover important research into adverse effects of commonly used drugs.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Most popular learning and CPD articles of 2017

Catch up with the best peer-reviewed learning and CPD articles from 2017 to boost your pharmacy practice.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Clinical Pharmacist’s top five research articles of 2017

Most-read articles from our journal on evidence-based pharmacy practice, therapeutic areas, and the latest advancements in drug development and medical interventions.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Most popular careers articles of 2017

Showcasing the individuals challenging the traditional pharmacy roles of today and redefining the careers of the pharmacy team of tomorrow.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Most popular opinion pieces of 2017

Tthe top five most-read opinion pieces from The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist suggest that resilient pharmacists have been improving their knowledge of medicines and helping...