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Pharmaceutical Journal · 1w ago

Identifying people displaying signs of dementia

Simran Janjua explains about a pilot using a case-finding tool to help identifying people in the community showing signs of dementia in order to refer them for further investigation.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1W ago

Topical analgesics: do they work and are they worth it?

Emma Davies, advanced pharmacy practitioner in pain management, takes a look at the evidence surrounding topical analgesics in light of NHS England’s decision to review their use on prescrip...
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2W ago

Saving my mother from depression using skills I learned in pharmacy

Amarata Gill explains how she used her pharmacy training to help her mother, who was suffering from depression.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Developing pharmacy in Malawi

Malawi needs more pharmacists, but lack of money means many students cannot afford to go to university.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Acceleration of the United States on-demand genetic testing industry

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing services are making comeback, but there have been concerns about their appropriateness.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Record a copy of your CPD entry on

You can now record your CPD entry at the end of certain articles on Pharmaceutical Journal, which you can transpose to the General Pharmaceutical Council’s CPD website.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Why pharmacists should apply for NIHR funding

Asam Latif explains what types of NIHR research funding pharmacists can apply for and how to secure it.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Protect the ‘Three Girls’ in your pharmacy

BBC docudrama on the Rochdale grooming scandal highlights the need for safe spaces for vulnerable girls in the community, and pharmacy can provide one.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Off-piste PhD: pharmacists have the skill set to step out of their comfort zones

Hiran Prag explains how he got into the field of translational research.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

The Ramadan Initiative: addressing the healthcare profession’s skills gap

Nadia Bukhari, clinical adviser, Ramadan Initiative Project, British Islamic Medical Association, explains about the association and the role it plays to educate healthcare professionals abo...