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Pharmaceutical Journal · 3d ago

Medicinal plants: Britain’s home-grown wartime allies

Briony Hudson summarises a lecture about how medicinal plants were used during the wartime in Great Britain.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 6d ago

Introducing students to telehealth via a novel online placement

Undergraduate pharmacy students are learning to engage with telehealth activities to prepare them for their future career.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1W ago

A better way to manage Parkinson’s disease

Viv Horton explains how her hospital set up a Parkinson’s advanced symptom unit to provide holistic care for patients with Parkinson’s disease.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 3W ago

Pharmacy history: past, present – and future

Briony Hudson provides highlights from this year’s British Society for the History of Pharmacy conference, and examines the lack of engagement from pharmacist in pharmacy history.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

My pharmacy summer placement in Shanghai, China

Shane Kailla describes his experience of pharmacy practice in Shanghai, China, during his 2016 summer placement.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Clinical Pharmacist calls for papers on long-term conditions

We are calling for article submissions that highlight best practice in relation to the management of long-term conditions.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 1M ago

Panic over “symptomatuc refief” for throat problems

The reported shortage of a popular throat mixture has sent panic across the entertainment industry because of its popularity with actors, singers and performers.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 2M ago

Hospital pharmacy oncology rotation through the eyes of a junior resident pharmacist

Baguiasri Mandane shares her experience and what she learnt on her oncology rotation at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
Pharmaceutical Journal · 3M ago

The rise of patient-centred technologies in community pharmacy

2017 could see a rise in patient-centred technologies across pharmacy. Martin Hao, managing director at Healthera, a new medicines management app, looks at the reasons behind the trend.
Pharmaceutical Journal · 4M ago

Preserving research and development in a post-Brexit era

Additional funding for R&D post-Brexit is a welcome move from the UK government, but there are other related issues to consider as well.