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Philosophical Musings & Insights · 1Y ago

Racial Intolerance – Black and White or Fifty Shades of Gray?

A friend and I were discussing the 2016 Oscars and he wanted to know what I thought about the constant references made about the fact that no blacks were nominated for any awards. A cloud of...
Philosophical Musings & Insights · 1Y ago

How to Feel More Powerful

Picture a bully standing over a little child. Notice the bully with hands on hips and a larger than life presence. Now look at the one being bullied. The body looks small and almost curled i...
Philosophical Musings & Insights · 1Y ago

In Search of Happiness

Maybe I’m too optimistic in my belief that ALL of us want to be happy, that happiness is something we all strive to achieve. If my theory is true, why then do so many of us sabotage our own ...