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Photoblog 2.0 Digital Photos & Inspiration from Harold Davis
Photoblog 2.0 · 16h ago


This is the ancient and magnificent Pont Valentre in Cahors, France and its reflections in the Lot River on a clear day with still water.
Photoblog 2.0 · 2d ago

Dandelion in Calvignac

Wherever I am, I cannot resist a nice dandelion! This one was in Calvignac, in the southwest of France.
Photoblog 2.0 · 3d ago

Morning at the Mas de Garrigue

Waking up at the Mas de Garrigue, out my window I saw the soft light of morning on the wisteria vine on the tower. Every detail here is close to perfection, what a wonderful place to be priv...
Photoblog 2.0 · 5d ago

Carmelite Chapel Ceiling

I photographed the ceiling of the Carmelite Chapel in Toulouse, France with my 8-15mm fish...
Photoblog 2.0 · 6d ago

Blue Bottles

At the Brasserie where I had a late lunch of poached salmon and ratatouille after flying in from Madrid to Toulouse, I saw these blue bottles lined up on the bar with nice cross-lighting. On my way out I snapped a photo with my iPhone, and later proc...
Photoblog 2.0 · 1W ago

Above the Gran Via

The grand hotels and stately buildings in Madrid have to be seen to be believed, and they are often best seen from above the ground floor. This image of the decorative balconies along Madrid’s Gran Via is a composite of eight images—to manage the ext...
Photoblog 2.0 · 1W ago

Stamp Lady

I got into Madrid this morning about 10AM, and with my door-to-door transit time approaching 24 hours, and the +9 hours time zone shift, I am definitely feeling asleep on my feet despite a few hours of sleep on the flight from Newark to Madrid. Still...
Photoblog 2.0 · 1W ago

Apple Blossoms

From the median strip of nearby Arlington Avenue we clipped some branches from a beautiful, blooming apple tree. Arlington Ave is too busy for my taste, and one has to be careful of cars zooming by when one does this clipping business, but some of my...
Photoblog 2.0 · 1W ago


Oxalis is a modest plant, considered more weed than flower. The Oxalis shown here is Oxali...
Photoblog 2.0 · 1W ago

Garden Flowers with Proteus

Most of the flowers in this light box arrangement come from our garden, except the Proteus...