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Photographic Opportunities · 1W ago

Halfway through June!

My goodness, this cannot be right 😕 😱 Almost the longest day of the year is upon us (in only 5 days time) & the year is nearly half gone […]
Photographic Opportunities · 1M ago

Week into May

Oh my… My blogging is a slacking, I’m just so behind this year with blogs & photography  😱 I’m in a weekly fun photography group for all skills, a prompt […]
Photographic Opportunities · 2M ago

Mid April

Where oh where has the year gone already?  I just cannot keep up…  This year is zooming by so quickly & the world is spinning by faster every minute for […]
Photographic Opportunities · 3M ago

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When School Staff Refuse to Accept a Diagnosis – some key questions to ask –
Photographic Opportunities · 4M ago

Nearly March

My goodness, this year is already off to a flying start! Before you know it Spring will have gone & Summer will be here, let’s hope that we actually see […]
Photographic Opportunities · 5M ago

Almost February 😱

OMGosh, I cannot believe that the end of January is in sight…  Where has this month gone?!  I just do not know???  Please can anyone find me a time turner […]
Photographic Opportunities · 5M ago

Merry New Year 🎉 🍾 🎆

So it is now 2017 Last year appeared to start off slow & then rush past, a whole new year has started & things are looking good.  I’m starting this […]
Photographic Opportunities · 6M ago

Where did November go?!

OMGosh…  I cannot believe I did not blog here last month 😱 I’ve been trying to update you every month as I’ve been doing a Daily Photo Challenge over on […]
Photographic Opportunities · 8M ago

Things that go BUMP in the Night…

My oh my oh my… What has happened here? To me it looks as if Fungus the Bogeyman has smashed his head through this pane of glass on the phonebox! […]
Photographic Opportunities · 9M ago

Summer Holidays are almost up…

So the end of the school summer holidays is upon us, I have had a wonderful time with my children. I got to spend my birthday with them all & […]