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phyllis`s view · 7M ago

Wild Bird Wed.rose breasted grosbeaks

The rose breasted grosbeak is a bird who migrates through May on their way north to breed & then again in Sept.flying through to the south.You cannot miss their clink clink call as the...
phyllis`s view · 8M ago

When pets are sick

let me see here,I think I can figure out how to open this...I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged.I changed some pictures on my sidebars,I put Rich & my wedding picture up cut...
phyllis`s view · 9M ago

Wild Bird Wed.

Linking up with Stewart here: last of the hummingbirds are gearing up to leave,filled feeders for probably the last time today. I feel a...
phyllis`s view · 10M ago

Sat.`s critters

Sally the duck,do ducks bite? she acts as though she is going to bite meThis picture is today,Aug.19.One allowed me to hold & pet her today.It is hard to reach them in this coop.
phyllis`s view · 10M ago

Chasing Butterflies

Happiness is like a butterfly.The more you chase it,the more it will elude you.But if you turn your attention to other things,it will come & sit softly on your shoulder. ThoreauThe only pict...
phyllis`s view · 11M ago

Blog Stalker

black swallowtailfritillarydogs loved him
phyllis`s view · 1Y ago

Gray Titmouse

A titmouse gathers dog hair from the outdoor carpet on the deck. He makes me smile as he appears to say,let`s just gather all this nesting material at once so I don`t have to make any more t...
phyllis`s view · 1Y ago

Widow skimmer dragonfly

What a look he seems to be giving me!These photos were taken last year,however I have seen alot of them recently flying around me here in the yard. 
phyllis`s view · 1Y ago

Rehoming Susie,the death of my parrot,a new puppy/Sat.`s critters

It has been such a long time since I have written. I am going to try & play catch up with Eileen for Sat`s critters,link up here,the golden ...
phyllis`s view · 1Y ago

Wild Bird Wed.

Linking up with Stewart here for wild bird Wed.,share your backyard birds with people all over the world. These pictures were from Feb.2014...