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Pick of the Literate · 2d ago

Flying Through Midnight by John T. Halliday

The reality of this book is depressing.  Depressing because once again we have failed to learn from our history.  The story of a young man and the country that sent him into harm’s way with...
Pick of the Literate · 5d ago

Assassins by Mike Bond

Bond reminds us of how history repeats itself ad nauseum.  The US is helping Afghans fight the Russians, not because of altruism or concern but for payback.  The premise of our involvement ...
Pick of the Literate · 1W ago

Book of Judas by Linda Stasi

Dan Brown meet Sandra Brown was my comment on Stasi’s Sixth Station. That hasn't changed.    This  novel is about Judas’s relationship to Jesus.   The premise is that  Judas and Jesus colla...
Pick of the Literate · 2W ago

Spotlight on Delia's Crossing by V.C. Andrews

Fiction Finds Foothold with Immigration Issues: V.C. Andrews® Ignites Dialogue with the Re-Release of Delia’s Crossing By Andrew NeidermanThere is no mystery as to why the publication of De...
Pick of the Literate · 2W ago

Cut to the Bone by Alex Caan

This was a mystery populated by a lot of broken people.  It deals with the fantasy world of YouTube stars and the lengths people go for their 15 minutes of fame. Ruby, shy and somewhat reti...
Pick of the Literate · 3W ago

The Point of a Gun by Steven W. Kohlhagen

Author Kohlhagen may have an ax to grind.  I don’t know that but this book is hypercritical of the current anti-terrorism programs.  If he is grinding an ax I will be happy to grind with hi...
Pick of the Literate · 3W ago

Spotlight on Royally Romanov, Volume 2 in The Royals Series by Teri Wilson

About ROYALLY ROMANOVTeri WilsonThe Royals Series, Volume 2Pocket Star EBookJuly 17, 2017$4.99ISBN 9781501160509In this charming modern day retelling of the 1956 classic 
Pick of the Literate · 4W ago

Spotlight on Colorblind a Novel by Leah Harper Bowron

promotional #ColorblindANovel 
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

Mississippi Blood by Greg Iles

Greg Iles is a master of tension.   I think I start all his book reviews with that compliment.   This book matches Dead Sleep and Third Degree tense moment for tense moment but adds the dis...
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

Happy 4th of July 2017--God Bless America