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Pick of the Literate · 6d ago

The Eye of the North by Sinead O’Hart

Pick of the Literate · 2W ago

Mirror Image by Tom Clancy

This is one of the Op-Center books.  You expect Clancy style and polish and you get something different than you expected.  My wife quit after 50 pages.  I stuck it out and finished it.  It...
Pick of the Literate · 2W ago

Spotlight on ROYALLY ROMANOV by Teri Wilson

In this charming modern day retelling of the 1956 classic Anastasia, a museum curator falls for a mysterious man who may or may not be a long lost heir to Russia’s imperial Romanov dynasty....
Pick of the Literate · 4W ago

Lest We Forget

Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

The Bone Tree by Greg Iles

Greg Iles is a master of tension.   I think I start all his book reviews with that compliment.   This book matches Dead Sleep and Third Degree tense moment for a tense moment but adds the d...
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain

       The story starts with a classical music definition of a rhapsody.  The is translated from French.  Each chapter has a character as it’s main focus.   The central theme is that a grou...
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

Spotlight on The Darkest Corner, The Gravediggers Series,Book 1

THE DARKEST CORNERThe Gravediggers Series, Book OneLiliana HartPocket BooksPublication Date: May 23, 2017
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

This book has an interesting premise regarding godhood.    Forbidden Planet was the earliest science fiction movie I can recall.  I  saved Quaker Oats coupons to get a free ticket.  Succinc...
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

Time for Kids: 50 States

Ready for a road trip?Get the scoop on the nifty fifty from North to South and coast to coast with no need for batteries or a charger!Through the pages of this book you can travel to all 50...
Pick of the Literate · 1M ago

The God Peak by Patrick Hemstreet

The God Wave  novel seems like it was authentic peek into the future.   Consider the brain operated drones for a moment and how experiments are progressing with the brain operating prosthes...