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Pickering Post · 1w ago

Corbyn is not the Messiah: he’s a very dangerous Marxist-Leninist agitator who knows some very naughty boys — Archbishop Cranmer

O calamity! What can one say about the election other than a debacle, a disaster and a right royal mess! I never thought Mrs. Dismay to be as sure-footed and ‘sound’ as some made out – her t...
Pickering Post · 2W ago

Does the Reformation’s Concern for the Glory of God Still Matter? — Christian in America

The Westminster shorter catechism famously begins with the question, “What is the chief end of man?” Its answer is pithy and to the point: “To enjoy God and glorify him forever.” My parents ...
Pickering Post · 1M ago

Holy Books: Examining The Violence of the Bible & the Koran, and Their Differences.

Judging by the numerous works looking to provide a treatment of the subject, there are a few things more pressing for Christians than some of the more violent verses found within the pages o...
Pickering Post · 1M ago

Is Gay Sex Sin
Pickering Post · 4M ago

Friday Night 17th Feb

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Pickering Post · 5M ago

Let’s Read the Bible Together — Christianity Matters

Why should we read the Bible? We read the Bible because we are followers of Jesus and Jesus was obsessed with the Bible. Jesus’ Obsession with the Bible The Bible for Jesus is what we refer ...
Pickering Post · 6M ago


Pickering Post · 6M ago

Short Answers 06 | What’s all the fuss about Christmas? —

‘Tis the season to be jolly! But what if you’re not? What if there’s a real emptiness behind all the effort and frivolity unless you discover what the real heart of Christmas is all about? I...
Pickering Post · 6M ago

Short Answers – Is Belief in God just like Belief in Santa? —

I am totally loving the way that the Lord is developing Solas since Andy Bannister joined us as director. He and Al have developed a great partnership in producing these high quality popular...