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Picture Book Diary · 2W ago

H is for Hummingbird

H is for HummingbirdWahoo! A new letter H!H is for Hummingbird and Hyacinth too!Have to say, I had to strain my brain on this one!The newly created design is available as a pillow and more o...
Picture Book Diary · 3W ago

N is for Neptune - Update

N is for NeptuneYep, I am at it again.I looked at a design I did a while ago, as shown below, and it did not look quite finished. It did not quite pull together for me.I guess that what happ...
Picture Book Diary · 4W ago

M is for Monkeys

M is for MonkeysHere is my new creation that I added to my letter M collection and for all letter M fans.M is for Monkeys and Melon too! Inspired by the fun of Summer and monkeying around.Be...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Restyle! The Letter S

S is for Seal and StarfishPart of my job in my career as a greeting card designer was to give fresh looks to older designs that still had good bones. It was to give new life or a second wind...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Review and Redesign: Flowers in a Teapot

Flowers from the Garden:Flowers in Teapot with BirdYes, I am at it again.When staring at my artwork on the walls of my tent in summer art festivals, I start to think this one or that design ...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

T is for Train and Train Trestle

T is for Train and Train TrestleI listen to potential clients. TRAINS. I heard it more than once.So here is a new letter T that features a Train that hopefully appeals to those who have sons...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Evolving Design

P is for Pretty PoppyWhen sitting in a tent at an art festival selling my art, my art falls under my ever critical eye. This design has now gone under a second change. It was like I had not ...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

I is for Ice Cream Cone

I is for Ice Cream ConeA while ago, I was talking with a friend whose son's name began with the letter I. Most of my letter I designs are not exactly designed with kids in mind. So finally I...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

Z is for Zeppelin

Z is for ZeppelinThe letter Z is not easy.  Not to many images come to mind. I already illustrated a Z for Zebra. Zipper did not seem to have much "zip" for me, and then I finally thought of...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

P is for Peacock

P is for PeacockI just did a show where someone asked if I had a P for Peacock. Sadly I did not.  So here it is upon request!