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Picture Book Diary · 1W ago

I is for Ice Cream Cone

I is for Ice Cream ConeA while ago, I was talking with a friend whose son's name began with the letter I. Most of my letter I designs are not exactly designed with kids in mind. So finally I...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Z is for Zeppelin

Z is for ZeppelinThe letter Z is not easy.  Not to many images come to mind. I already illustrated a Z for Zebra. Zipper did not seem to have much "zip" for me, and then I finally thought of...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

P is for Peacock

P is for PeacockI just did a show where someone asked if I had a P for Peacock. Sadly I did not.  So here it is upon request! 
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

April Showers

April ShowersWell you know what they say...and it is still April!
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Tea for Two Revisited

Tea for TwoArtists do spring cleaning to their artwork sometimes.Maybe it is that need to re-arrange the furniture, but some illustrations, I feel, need a bit of sprucing up or a bit of an u...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Flower Love

The Good NewsThe sun is out after a late spring snow. Fortunately the snow did not stick. The spring flowers are working their way out to the promise of warmer weather today.The older I get ...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Review and Fix

Life is a Bowl of CherriesI have noticed  when looking at my work at an art festival that I'm doing, I start to pick apart my artwork. I start to think...could I have done this better...woul...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Review and Update: G is for Goose and Grasshopper

G is for Goose and GrasshopperIt must be the spring cleaning urge...the urge to not only to clean, but re-arrange the furniture, paint a room, change and shake up the decor a bit...only I ha...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Update and Improve

A is for AiredaleYears ago, A is for Airedale was my first illustration for the letter A as it is seen below.It has been a good seller, but I thought to spice it up with another A word addin...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

New Letter K!

K is for Kayak and KittiwakeThe letter K is not easy letter shape that lends itself as an idea for an illustration. But then I thought of Kayak with its oars, and a newly illustrated K becam...