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Picture Book Diary · 5d ago

Z is for Zeppelin

Z is for ZeppelinThe letter Z is not easy.  Not to many images come to mind. I already illustrated a Z for Zebra. Zipper did not seem to have much "zip" for me, and then I finally thought of...
Picture Book Diary · 1W ago

P is for Peacock

P is for PeacockI just did a show where someone asked if I had a P for Peacock. Sadly I did not.  So here it is upon request! 
Picture Book Diary · 3W ago

April Showers

April ShowersWell you know what they say...and it is still April!
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Tea for Two Revisited

Tea for TwoArtists do spring cleaning to their artwork sometimes.Maybe it is that need to re-arrange the furniture, but some illustrations, I feel, need a bit of sprucing up or a bit of an u...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Flower Love

The Good NewsThe sun is out after a late spring snow. Fortunately the snow did not stick. The spring flowers are working their way out to the promise of warmer weather today.The older I get ...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Review and Fix

Life is a Bowl of CherriesI have noticed  when looking at my work at an art festival that I'm doing, I start to pick apart my artwork. I start to think...could I have done this better...woul...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Review and Update: G is for Goose and Grasshopper

G is for Goose and GrasshopperIt must be the spring cleaning urge...the urge to not only to clean, but re-arrange the furniture, paint a room, change and shake up the decor a bit...only I ha...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Update and Improve

A is for AiredaleYears ago, A is for Airedale was my first illustration for the letter A as it is seen below.It has been a good seller, but I thought to spice it up with another A word addin...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

New Letter K!

K is for Kayak and KittiwakeThe letter K is not easy letter shape that lends itself as an idea for an illustration. But then I thought of Kayak with its oars, and a newly illustrated K becam...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Where Flowers Bloom

Where Flowers BloomWinter is having its last hurrah during this month of March. So tired of gray skies and snow. But this is what March does. It bounces back and forth between Winter and Spr...