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Picture Book Diary · 1W ago

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!Once again I looked at one of my older pieces to liven  up a bit for spring.In the greeting card industry, we called it a "rework".Will see this year if it will make a jump in s...
Picture Book Diary · 2W ago

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of GratitudeOnce in a while I like to create an illustration with a quote of some kind. Being grateful does help to set the tone of the day. It is kind of like looking at the glass ...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

D is for Duck and Daffodils

D is for Duck and DaffodilsAs January is coming to a close, I am definitely looking forward to spring!The idea of this design came to me early this morning. While trying to think of a new le...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Revisiting and Refreshing: Two Birds on a Watering Can

Two Birds on a Watering CanWhile sitting in art festivals, there are some designs I target to refresh.The design below was the original, and while I sold quite a few, I thought it use a litt...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Looking For Spring!

Looking for Spring!You can tell Cleveland winters get to me with all the cold, snow, and gray skies. I think the gray skies are the worse part.So of course while counting the days till sprin...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

A is for Alligator

A is for AlligatorTrying to come up with new letters is not getting any easier. With a new grandson, I had to come up with another illustrated letter A.So here is A for Alligator, as well as...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!Happy 2018!Love to You All!
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

Joy to the World!

Joy to the World!Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

Sweet Dreams: A Whimsical Hourglass

Sweet Dreams: A Whimsical HourglassI have been working on this idea for a while. Finally, after several sketches, I managed to steal away and finish it.Sweet dreams are always welcome!Of cou...
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

From the Garden - Adaptation of Autumn in the Air

From the Garden During my time as a greeting card designer, I learned to take seasonal art and make it more versatile.As you can see below, the original illustration I created was more limit...