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Picture Book Diary · 6d ago

Joy to the World!

Joy to the World!Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
Picture Book Diary · 4W ago

Sweet Dreams: A Whimsical Hourglass

Sweet Dreams: A Whimsical HourglassI have been working on this idea for a while. Finally, after several sketches, I managed to steal away and finish it.Sweet dreams are always welcome!Of cou...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

From the Garden - Adaptation of Autumn in the Air

From the Garden During my time as a greeting card designer, I learned to take seasonal art and make it more versatile.As you can see below, the original illustration I created was more limit...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

F is for Flamingo

F is for FlamingoYears ago, somewhere in the early seventies, I found out that it was common place to see fake pink flamingos decorating lawns in places like Parma, Ohio.  It was a common bu...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Autumn in the Air

Autumn in the AirAutumn brings its beauty with its colors and its excitement with the upcoming holidays. It's easy to get inspired at this time of year to create a piece reflective of Fall, ...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

B is for Beagle

B is for BeagleComing up with ideas for the letter B is a tough one. What works to make that shape?I also get many requests for dog illustrations. So I stepped up to the plate to give it a t...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

Bird Song

Bird SongSometimes I get inspired by a quote or verse that I like as opposed to coming up with another illustrated letter. This time I got inspired with a spiritual verse.  I must confess, I...
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

H is for Hummingbird

H is for HummingbirdWahoo! A new letter H!H is for Hummingbird and Hyacinth too!Have to say, I had to strain my brain on this one!The newly created design is available as a pillow and more o...
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

N is for Neptune - Update

N is for NeptuneYep, I am at it again.I looked at a design I did a while ago, as shown below, and it did not look quite finished. It did not quite pull together for me.I guess that what happ...
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

M is for Monkeys

M is for MonkeysHere is my new creation that I added to my letter M collection and for all letter M fans.M is for Monkeys and Melon too! Inspired by the fun of Summer and monkeying around.Be...