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Picture Book Diary · 1W ago

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all Mother's and Grandmother's a Very Happy Mother's Day!
Picture Book Diary · 2W ago

V is for Violets

V is for VioletsAlthough my name starts with a V, doing a letter V that has a tie in is not so easy. I mean who wants a V that is a Vulture. While doing a show a woman asked if I did a V for...
Picture Book Diary · 3W ago

E is for Eskimo and Explorer

E is for Eskimo and ExplorerMaybe it is because it has been an unusually cold spring. Maybe watching The Terror on AMC inspired this new illustration. However, coming up with new variations ...
Picture Book Diary · 3W ago

Review and Update

Ranunculus in Blue and White VaseThere are many times I look at something I did from years ago and decide to redo it. Such is the case as the new and improved one above as compared to the or...
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

For all Cat Lovers

Cat LoveI miss my cat. Yes, I am a secret cat lady. I have had many cats in my life including cat lady friends.So here is my latest for all cat lovers. T-shirt
Picture Book Diary · 1M ago

Cultivate Kindness

Cultivate KindnessHere is a new one to celebrate the month of April! 
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!Once again I looked at one of my older pieces to liven  up a bit for spring.In the greeting card industry, we called it a "rework".Will see this year if it will make a jump in s...
Picture Book Diary · 2M ago

Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of GratitudeOnce in a while I like to create an illustration with a quote of some kind. Being grateful does help to set the tone of the day. It is kind of like looking at the glass ...
Picture Book Diary · 3M ago

D is for Duck and Daffodils

D is for Duck and DaffodilsAs January is coming to a close, I am definitely looking forward to spring!The idea of this design came to me early this morning. While trying to think of a new le...
Picture Book Diary · 4M ago

Revisiting and Refreshing: Two Birds on a Watering Can

Two Birds on a Watering CanWhile sitting in art festivals, there are some designs I target to refresh.The design below was the original, and while I sold quite a few, I thought it use a litt...