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Robin Kramer Writes Finding humor and faith in ordinary moments

English - Motherhood, Humor, Christian
Robin Kramer Writes · 6d ago

When You Focus on What You Have

My family faced several challenges this week: my husband had a run-in with a deer that damaged our car, our water heater broke, and we've been sick with bronchitis and head colds.  I could b...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1W ago

This Season's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

There's been a little buzz in our community lately.  You see, an 80-year-old Norway Spruce...
Robin Kramer Writes · 2W ago

What Are You Looking Forward to?

The other night as I sat surrounded by papers at my dining room table, I looked up at my h...
Robin Kramer Writes · 3W ago

W.W.J.D. (What Would Joanna Do?) Farmhouse-Style Decorative Shelf

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a soft spot in my heart for garage sales because you never know what you're going to find.  Take this wood-and-wire-boxlike-sifter thing, for example. ...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1Y ago

Amazing Garage Sale Transformations: Seeing Junk in a New Light

You know you're serious about a hobby when you turn it into a verb.  That's the case with me and garage sales.  I love garage sales with such intensity that they're no longer merely a thing...
Robin Kramer Writes · 3W ago

When Beauty is Placed Right at Your Feet

Title: When Beauty is Placed Right at Your FeetSubtitle: Sometimes you simply need to look down.
Robin Kramer Writes · 4W ago

The Saga of the Lost Key Chain

There's one reliable indicator in my life that alerts me when I'm overextending myself: I ...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

An Unexpected Classroom Intervention

With only five minutes left until the end of class, I ask a student to go to the front of the classroom for a quick "stand and deliver" exercise.  He's asked to speak about a topic of intere...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

We Shouldn't Wait Until They're Leaving

A woman who works in my department is leaving her position and starting a new job next week.  This woman is stellar.  With work, she's helpful and competent.  Socially, she's kind and gracious.  Personally, she's remarkably classy, from how she dress...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

How My Kids Became the Most Annoying Customers in Walmart

Title: How My Kids Became the Most Annoying Customers in WalmartSubtitle: I offer this as a warning.  At all costs, avoid the aisle where cow bells are sold.