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Robin Kramer Writes Finding humor and faith in ordinary moments

English - Motherhood, Humor, Christian
Robin Kramer Writes · 2d ago

Happy First Day of Spring!

Title: Happy First Day of Spring!Subtitle:  Consider this to be a post card sent to you from Pennsylvania.  There's a bird in that one tree.  That's spring-y, right? 
Robin Kramer Writes · 1W ago

2,400 Miles. 3 Kids in Tow. 1 Epic Road Trip.

Our family recently took a Spring Break road trip -- driving over 1,200 miles from Pennsylvania to Florida, and then over 1,200 miles back again, only to get walloped with an epic Pennsylvan...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1W ago

It's What You Do After a Good Show

Early in the morning when I hover in the grogginess between sleep and wakefulness,  I some...
Robin Kramer Writes · 3W ago

Breaking Up with Dr Pepper (making one better choice each day)

I have a confession to make.  I once nursed quite an infatuation with Dr Pepper, but I cut it out of my diet a year and a half ago.  Originally, the separation left quite a hole.  During the...
Robin Kramer Writes · 6M ago

The Five Stages of Essay-Grading Grief: An Illustrated Guide

"Well, it's your problem now."  - Words said to me by a student upon submitting his essay. Truer words never have been spoken.After teaching for over a decade and a half, I've carried a heft...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

A post about that one warm-ish day in February

Our weather in Pennsylvania has been mercurial lately.  In the past week alone we've swung...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

When You Don't Do the Heavy Lifting

Last winter we experienced some water damage that stained our bedroom ceiling.  As my family's resident painter, I had intended to paint the ceiling myself.  I convinced myself that while I ...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

Because 2:00 a.m. logic is never logical

It's taken a decade to discern this trend, but my children never get the stomach bug during the day.  No, in our household, vomiting episodes are always cloaked in the darkness of night.  Th...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

That Time I Vandalized. (A Confession of Sorts.)

I enjoy finding unique or humorous signs, like this flyer once posted on campus.  Apparent...
Robin Kramer Writes · 1M ago

Draft Workshop (#DemoDay)

An editor once accepted a piece of my writing, but suggested I should start the piece with...