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The End by Charlie Higson - review

I haven't written a stand-alone book review on in a while - but for this book, the last in a series that I read start to finish, as soon as each book came out, I must. It has been quite a journey for the kids in these books, who have... · 1Y ago

Read with a kid, learn something

Hello dear neglected unadulterated! I love my little old blog, I really do, but man, life ... · 1Y ago

BEA 2016 - in living slideshow color!

Finally - my BEA recap in words and pictures! What a mob, what a crowd, what a show! · 1Y ago

BEA 2016 recap

Some random sights and sounds from Book Expo 2016, this year in beautiful Chicago! The bac... · 1Y ago

SLJ Day of Dialog 2016 recap

Bit late to the party with my BEA recap this year, but I had a lot to think about. So just think of this post as the online equivalent of the relieved sigh that came from each seat on the sh... · 1Y ago

Bright shiny things for bright young things and the people who love them: Some new YA (and YA-adjacent) books, Spring 2016

I am on a significant roll with my YA and adult reading lately. When's the last time you could say that? When's the last time every book you picked up knocked you on your butt and made you h... · 1Y ago

I love the artists - some new great picture books Spring 2016

I know it's hard to write a picture book manuscript. Some of my favorite people do it, and... · 2Y ago

Happy International Women's Day to us all: some positive sexuality in pop culture

Not bad - just drawn that way. You hear a lot, in some circles, about how difficult it is ... · 2Y ago

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E. K. Johnston - review

In her author's note, E. K. Johnston admits straight out that she wrote this book while very, very angry. I bet she did. This is a fucking great novel. Exit, Pursued by a Bear is about a tee... · 2Y ago

#don'tthrowittomo - the 2016 ALA Youth Media Awards

Cheap shot? Maybe. But it's hard to resist a good cheap shot. Here's the story: I was in t...