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Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

PinoyLUG Couples: AFOL Duos Who Inspire

Love is indeed in the air. And this February, we feature the PinoyLUG Couples who continue to inspire us with their love for each other, for their family and for their extended PinoyLUG Fami...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

PinoyLUG Represent at SBLUG Meet!

PinoyLUG Welcome the Rooster for Chinese New Year with MOC themes representing this celebration at Lancaster Hotel in partnership with the LEGO® Trading Group, while in South Australia there...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 2M ago

Chinese New Year BxB 2017!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!Let's celebrate the Chinese New Year with our first BxB for 2017See you all there! Xiexie!Wear Red! Display theme will be Chinese Animals and other stuff related to Chinese Ne...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 3M ago

Brickmas Season '16

Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen our ties with family and friends.As I reflect on the past year, I think of those who have worked side by side to shape and grow our beloved PinoyL...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 5M ago

PinoyLUG’s Bricktober 2016: 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 6M ago

Weekend Events: BxB5 & Collecticon 2016

This weekend is packed with events from Book Fairs to Motor Shows, but in-between these big events there are also the ones people don’t regularly hear about, that’s where most nerd enthusias...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 8M ago

PinoyLUG x LTG partnership and BxB (Brick by Brick)

Hi and hello everyone I hope that everybody kicks off this week with a very good Monday, especially because of a very successful BxB event last Saturday, July 2.Let me just take this opportu...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 6M ago

3 Things You Should See at BxB!

PinoyLUG and LEGO Trading Group has another successful Saturday with the BxB (Brick by Brick) series of community events featuring activities from everyone (adult and kids), exhibits from me...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 11M ago

LEGO® Batman Movie™ Trailers Reveal!

The LEGO® Movie seemed like it was just yesterday, but it was shown in 2014. There’s a sequel in the works but no immediate detail has been announced. But a spinoff was forth coming with LEG...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 11M ago

Dawn of Justice Exhibit at Shangri-La Mall!

“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is set to be shown in Philippine cinema a week from now and promotion for the film kicks in high gear with tie-ups from mineral water to clothing apparel...