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Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 6d ago

BrickRunPH 2017

Family and camaraderie have always been integral to the core values of PinoyLUG. Here, everyone is family. Here, there is goodwill.On September 17, 2017 as one PinoyLUG Family, let us all be...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

PinoyLUG Grand Meet-Up 2017

The first quarter of 2017 proved to be very productive for the Pinoy LEGO® Users Group with 2 Brick by Brick (BxB) events in February and March, 4 "The LEGO® Batman Movie" displays all over ...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

PinoyLUG Highlights: The Billund Experience

One step on Billund, a giant step for PinoyLUG.  When PinoyLUG Ambassador Leslie Araujo participated at the recently concluded LEGO® Company Yearly Results Press Conference in Billund, Denma...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 3M ago

PinoyLUG Couples: AFOL Duos Who Inspire

Love is indeed in the air. And this February, we feature the PinoyLUG Couples who continue to inspire us with their love for each other, for their family and for their extended PinoyLUG Fami...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

LEGO® Ninjago Movie™ Trailer is Here!

The LEGO® Batman Movie has landed in cinemas and you think this week everything is awesome already. But you’ll be more surprised to know that Warner Animation Group just dropped its trailer ...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 3M ago

PinoyLUG Represent at SBLUG Meet!

PinoyLUG Welcome the Rooster for Chinese New Year with MOC themes representing this celebration at Lancaster Hotel in partnership with the LEGO® Trading Group, while in South Australia there...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 4M ago

BxB 2017: Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!Let's celebrate the Chinese New Year with our first BxB for 2017See you all there! Xiexie!Wear Red! Display theme will be Chinese Animals and other stuff related to Chinese Ne...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 1M ago

LEGO® Ideas | 21304 Doctor Who

01.02.2017 – Doctor Who is one of the longest running series in British television. It’s popular in selected countries that include Australia, where Whovians (known for Doctor Who Fans) can’...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 5M ago

PinoyLUG: Brickmas Season '16

Christmas is the perfect time to strengthen our ties with family and friends.As I reflect on the past year, I think of those who have worked side by side to shape and grow our beloved PinoyL...
Pinoy LEGO® Users Group · 7M ago

PinoyLUG’s Bricktober 2016: 2nd Anniversary Celebration