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Steven Anas

Reads about: handmade, art, jewelry, crafts, fashion

Rita Juse-Cirkse

Reads about: art, jewelry, mixed media, beadwork, painting

Irith Mashiah

Reads about: art, jewelry, life, family, my etsy teams

Mirella Maiocchi

Reads about: handmade, crafts, jewelry, art, craft

Derek Demitrius

Reads about: design, interior design, art, decorating, lifestyle

Omar Maldonado Welcome!
I am a jewelry craftsman, who began working metals and wood since my teens.
Years ago i b...

Reads about: art, jewelry, handmade, design, crafts

Nauliana Nauli The Nauli ® sisters show and talk about their inspiration, new products, netfinds and craft related...

Reads about: handmade, art, design, craft, crafts

Stefania Morgante

Reads about: art, jewelry, crafts, fashion, halloween

Sun San

Reads about: jewelry, handmade, life, shopping, crafts

Annali Har Tal

Reads about: pearls, white, bronze

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