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planehealth · 1h ago

Natural Remedies To Cold And Flu

Surely everyone would have experienced battling with colds and flu at some point in time. The average adult is sick with the common cold (with symptoms like sore throats, coughs, and mild ...
planehealth · 2h ago

Regular Fish Consumption May Reduce Symptoms Of Rheumatism

Study found that consuming more fish at least twice weekly can lead to a reduction in disease activity in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), compared with eating fish less than once per ...
planehealth · 10h ago

Fashion Blogger, Rebecca Burger Dies From Canister Explosion

The French authorities are investigating the death of a fashion blogger who was reportedly hit by an exploding whipped cream canister which was withdrawn from the public in 2013, officials...
planehealth · 1d ago

Breastfeeding Could Lower Risk of Heart Hisease, Stroke

The benefits of breastfeeding have been well documented for the baby, but a new research suggest there may be more benefits for the mother than originally believed.Benefits of breastfeedin...
planehealth · 2d ago

Kano State Government Distributes Screening Kits For Breast Cancer To Health Centres

The Kano State Government, on Thursday, distributed breast cancer screening kits worth over N25 million to 26 health facilities across the state.Dr Kabiru Getso, the state Commissioner fo...
planehealth · 2d ago

Olive Oil Protects Against Dementia

Scientists have claimed that the consumption of the dressing defends memory by reducing the formation of toxic plaques and tangles in the brain, hallmarks of Alzheimer's.They detected the...
planehealth · 2d ago

Children Should Be Protected From Online Cosmetic Surgery Apps

Children as young as nine are the target of cosmetic surgery apps and makeover games that are likely to make them feel dissatisfied with their own faces and bodies, a new report warns. Th...
planehealth · 2d ago

Weird: ‘Half-human, Half-sheep’ Sent from HELL Terrifies Villagers

Many of the 4,000 inhabitants and farmers of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa, were convinced that bestiality and witchcraft had led to the birth of the creature.The panic got...
planehealth · 2d ago

Cases Of Lassa Fever Romp Ondo

The Lassa fever epidemic which started as a rumour some weeks ago in Ondo State, has fully manifested, with five persons now hospitalized for being infected with the disease.The reports em...
planehealth · 2d ago

Wonders!!!!!!!!! Quack Doctor Arrested For Having A Blowjob On Patients