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planet manners Humans are the only species that doesn't know what to do
planet manners · 2d ago

Bellingham WA and USA: Cities dominating #deer habitat, journalists taking liberties with news

#Deer I saw in #Bellingham #WA 5/6/2017See several photos of Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) by clicking HERE to go to Wikimedia Commons.Recently I noticed discussion in ...
planet manners · 3d ago

Salish Sea: Resident #Orca surprise, as well as Biggs and Transients, Humpbacks, Grey Whales too

If you haven't seen an edition of the Orcanetwork Whale Sighting Report, you are in for a treat. There are many photos and some videos in this Sept 18, 2017 report. Below is a bit of contact...
planet manners · 4W ago

Everywhere: Why balloon releases need to stop | TreeHugger

image source (edited) WildOne on PixabayPolluting the air, land and water with balloons and string (or any other foreign object such as bullets, plastic containers, engine fuel, etc.) seems ...
planet manners · 4W ago

Everywhere: Why You Should Keep Your Birdbath Clean | Audubon

It's fun to watch the birds appreciate a good water source :-)Click for article from about keeping them clean. Lots of birds have gotten very sick from dirty bird baths.http://ww...
planet manners · 1M ago

Salish Sea: Solar eclipse’s high tides break net, dumping up to 305,000 Atlantic salmon into water | The Seattle Times

Tribal fishers out for #Chinook were shocked to find Atlantic salmon in their nets Sunday and Monday after an escape of an unknown number of Atlantic salmon from a Cooke #Aquaculture net pen...
planet manners · 1M ago

Texas: Humans Attacking Feral Hogs is "Enriching"

"Recreational hunters" helped kickstart a huge invasive species problem. Lack of compassion abounds, the feral pig industry flourishes, reckless means of destruction are legislated, and sati...
planet manners · 1M ago

Earth: Overshoot Day Aug. 2, 2017 We’ve just exhausted a Year’s Worth of the Planet's Resources

Humans are the only species that doesn't know what to do.🌉
planet manners · 1M ago

Earth: It's World Tiger Day

---- Forwarded message ----------From: "TigerTime" <>Date: Jul 28, 2017 11:06 PMSubject: It's World Tiger DayTo:Let's celebrate what wild tigers do for us!Having trouble v...
planet manners · 2M ago

NYC NY: City Expands Services as More Become #Homeless, Even With a Job | The New York Times

illustration courtesy of geralt-9301 at pixabayArticle in New York Times dated July 19, 2017:'He said opening more shelters and safe havens was noble of the city. “But I don’t think more she...
planet manners · 2M ago

World's Plastic Waste Amounts to Equivalent of Burying Manhattan 2 Miles Deep | Associated Press

AP photo by Sergei GristCheck out this article by Seth Borenstein the Science Writer:'s-plastic-waste-could-bury-Manhattan-2-mile...