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planet manners Humans are the only species that doesn't know what to do
planet manners · 5d ago

Spain: The Spanish Galgo - a type of "Hunting Dog" Facing a Modern Day Horror | Dr. Becker at

Please view this sad, informative article by Dr. Becker at including the conversation she had with Yeray Lopez about the mistreatment of the dog breed called Galgo. She says, "I ...
planet manners · 3W ago

International: In April alone, the company behind Dakota Access Pipeline spilled 2 million+ gallons of drilling fluids into Ohio wetlands published the following article April 28th:
planet manners · 1M ago

Vancouver Island, Canada: 2 dead and 3 seriously injured after logging train derailment

2 dead and 3 seriously injured after logging train derails on Vancouver Island: Two people were killed after a logging train derailed on north Vancouver Island Thursday morning. Three others...
planet manners · 1M ago

Global Earth Day and March for Science April 22, 2017

Can't believe we have to march for the obvious - again - but we do.Happy Earth Day"Social media connects most, but oceans connect us all" - Fabien Cousteau
planet manners · 1M ago

USA: March 30 Deadline Passed for Introducing CRA Resolutions Targeting Obama-Era Protections

image source: __Jasmin__ on PixabayFrom the Public Citizen Press Room 3/31/17: Two Dozen Rules Remain Targets for Repeal –...
planet manners · 1M ago

Idaho: Boy injured, family dog killed by USDA cyanide bomb placed on BLM land without warnings or notices

image: bykst on PixabayUnited States Department of Agriculture (USDA) wanted to kill coyotes. Device looked like a sprinkler head. Boy touched it to see what it was. It exploded with orange ...
planet manners · 1M ago

Global (so-called developed world?): Glue Traps. WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES

How Glue Traps Ruined My Childhood: If you're thinking about using glue traps, beware that these torture devices could leave your home worse off than before.
planet manners · 2M ago

Thailand: RIP People threw coins at turtle and he ingested them. He died of blood poisoning

image source: Reuters via The NationalVets hope the media coverage of the stricken creature will make Thais think twice about throwing coins into ponds where animals live. Read it in ful...
planet manners · 2M ago

India: Ganges and Yamuna rivers given same legal rights as humans :-)

image source: The NationalUttarakhand state's High Court ruling means that if anyone harms or pollutes either river, the law would view it as no different from harming a person. Read it ...
planet manners · 2M ago

Australia and Global: Hurt And Pain On International Forest Day

International Forest Day was March 21, 2017 See: Forwarded message --------From: "Lyndon, The Wilderness Society" <>...