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PlantPostings Notes from a USDA zone 5 shade garden in Southern Wisconsin.

English - Perennials, Garden
PlantPostings · 8h ago

Plant of the Month: Woodland Pinkroot

Spigelia marilandica This month, I'm celebrating a plant that blooms with vibrant, bright color--even in shade. Woodland Pinkroot (Spigelia marilandica), also known as Indian Pink or Worm Gr...
PlantPostings · 2W ago

Plant Life Near the Grand Canyon

Who visits the Grand Canyon and notices the plants? Ahem...guilty! Last summer, we took a road trip out west for a family reunion, and stopped at notable landmarks along the way. When we wer...
PlantPostings · 3W ago

The Meme Had to Die Change (And the Winner Is...)

The Garden Lessons Learned meme has reached a turning point. Because short, concise, illustrated social media posts now reign, it's time to change the format.Also, when you no longer want to...
PlantPostings · 1M ago

What Do You Think of When I Say The Word 'Milkweed'? (And a Giveaway)

When you think of Milkweed, what do you envision?The plant growing in concrete cracks at the abandoned lot down the street? The “weed” your dad made you pull all summer long between rows of ...
PlantPostings · 1M ago

New Perspectives for Wednesday Vignettes

Carya ovata framed by Syringa vulgarisDo you ever see a scene in a totally different way? The other day as I was washing dishes, I looked out the window and noticed the Lilac shrub in the di...
PlantPostings · 1M ago

A Truly Floriferous Spring

The Crabapples (Malus spp.) have been glorious around town lately. I thought several days of wind, rain, and near-freezing nighttime temps would damage the show, but I was wrong.The cooler t...
PlantPostings · 2M ago

It's Party Time in the Woodland!

It's fun to have a natural woodland at the back of our property. The plants shift and change over time, and I seem to find something new every year. We made the decision early on with this p...
PlantPostings · 2M ago

Easter Greetings

PlantPostings · 2M ago

Toluca's Cosmovitral: Plants Under Stained Glass

How can I do justice to one of the most unique botanical gardens in the world in a simple blog post?I can't. So I'll simply share a little introductory information, and a few photos.To truly...
PlantPostings · 2M ago

They're Back! (Better Late Than Never)