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Podiatry and Your Feet Your feet, Caron Orelowitz | Local podiatrist in Remuera, Westgate, New Lynn, Birkenhead and Orewa
Podiatry and Your Feet · 4Y ago

Do you suffer from overuse injuries? | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

Overuse injuries are distinct from such commonplace trauma injuries as sprains, strains, broken bones and concussions. They are specific to the parts of the body most used during the athleti...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Kids- their feet and shoes | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

If you have active kids, making sure they’re wearing the right shoes for what they’re doing, and for their own unique physique, can be as important and wearing their retainers or washing the...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

The Child’s foot | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

When people have babies, they’re always warned about the “soft spot” on the head – that the skull bones haven’t fused enough to adequately cover the brain. It’s such a well-known fact, most ...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Shoes for Kids | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

I spend a lot of time talking to adults about feet and shoes, and the conversation naturally drifts onto their children’s shoes. For years, we have been given advice from shoe manufacturers ...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Foot problems in children may become serious if untreated | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

  Issues with feet can affect anyone at any age. Parents shouldn’t assume that signs of foot problems in children are merely “growing pains. Managing children’s health is complicated enough,...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 3Y ago

Shopping for School shoes- again|The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

The wrong school shoes could cause bunions, corns, calluses, blisters, clawed toes, heel pain or change the shape and function of a foot. School shoes would be one of those things that one s...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Help your feet in 2016 | The Podiatrist and your feetnz

We all start out with a clean slate on New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when most of us make a resolution to stop doing something that is making us unhealthy or unhappy; and to go in another dire...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

What causes corns and calluses? | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

Corns and calluses can be quite painful. The chances are, you will, at some point in your life, experience corns or calluses on your feet. Sometimes a little extra scraping with a pumice sto...
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Merry Christmas | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Podiatry and Your Feet · 2Y ago

Summer and your feet | The Podiatrist and yourfeetnz

Ok so now that summer is officially in full swing (well kind of) it may be time to actually take some time to pamper those little puppies walking around in flip-flops and going bare in the s...