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Alejandro Guzman A father staying young as his Daughter grows older.

Reads about: life, parenting, humor, poetry, photography

Bee Halton a writer, poet and ginger

Reads about: writing, poetry, books, life, fiction

Alpena Jaiiswaal Writing is new to me..I need all the support and love possible from my friends in this new venture o...

Reads about: life, love, photography, poetry, travel

Mary Hudak-Collins I blog about challenges we face daily living on an allergy/gluten free diet and dealing with family ...

Reads about: gluten free, life, recipes, food, celiac disease

Jeremy Billadeau What one is motivated by is what one shall become, I pray I am motivated by love always.

Reads about: life, photography, art, poetry, humor

Anna Sides

Reads about: life, love, photography, blogging, relationships

Jim Mcintosh

Reads about: travel, life, photography, spirituality, love

Yonathan Sans Sacram...

Reads about: life, love, poetry, photography, music

Rachel Hoyt

Reads about: poetry, humor, life, humour, politics

Sj Roberts I just want to be happy failing that give me chocolate. If you like what I write then please visit ...

Reads about: life, humor, parenting, photography, poetry

Charlie Nitric

Reads about: life, love, personal development, relationships, poetry

Becky Williamson Bla...

Reads about: life, photography, law of attraction, love, spirituality

Jan Neel

Reads about: life, poetry, photography, humor, writing

Melissa Tandoc

Reads about: love, life, photography, personal, spirituality

Doug Stephens

Reads about: humor, life, family, funny, humour

Jenni De La Torre I'm a writer who shares my passionate opinion about various subjects. I sweat, bleed, and cry ink.

Reads about: life, poetry, love, writing, humor

Amy Arrowood I am a Mom, Sleep Deprived and Sober. I ramble, love the color red. Drink Coffee. I shoot stuff w/my...

Reads about: family, parenting, motherhood, humor, life

Rimly Bezbaruah

Reads about: life, love, poetry, relationships, poems

Lisa Mundell Burnett

Reads about: life, health, forex, love, food

Johnson Onajobi Oluw...

Reads about: life, love, photography, personal, relationships

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