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Povey Prattle · 3h ago

Lentil "Burgers" YUM

I made a whole mess of Lentil Soup the other day.  'Twas good.Having had too much of a good thing I woke up during the night  (Friday/Saturday)  with an idea to transform the soup into "burg...
Povey Prattle · 1d ago

Art in the Sky

From my friend Kathy who lives on Manhattan.   She titled it "Art in the Sky".
Povey Prattle · 2d ago

A gift, and a message.

A GIFTFrom Harry and David lovely gift arrived at my home today.   The label stated that it was from "Maria"..  I do not know anyone named...
Povey Prattle · 3d ago

Thank you

Penne at Ken Thompson Park, Dec 2016Thank you for so many Facebook messages. e-mails and 'phone calls.  They have been kind, gracious and understanding.It's been a sad day, and there are man...
Povey Prattle · 3d ago

Goodbye dear Penne

Penne at Ken Thompson Park last DecemberSome of you know that Penne has been in quite a bit of ;pain in recent days. Through X-rays we discovered this was because she had two compressed disk...
Povey Prattle · 3d ago

The curse of dementia; the blessing of care.

One of my new  (since 2006) friends went off to assisted living this afternoon. He, like I, is a retired Priest of the Episcopal Church.He is moving into the dementia which is connected with...
Povey Prattle · 6d ago

How do you spell relief?

I have been under a bit of stress, arising from circumstances beyond my control,  I've needed a bit of TLC.As I chatted with my brother Martyn  in Bristol UK) yesterday afternoon he said  "y...
Povey Prattle · 1w ago

My tussle with a candidate for the Sarasota City Commission.

My community, the Glen Oaks Ridge Condominium Association sponsored a forum this morning to listen to the candidates for two open seats on the Sarasota City Commission.  The City election is...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Penne, Vet, X-Ray today

Penne's pain is caused by disk-compression.  The cartilage between two discs is all but gone, and there are a few bone spurs.She will be on Carporofen to relieve pain and inflammation.There ...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

My car, my neighbours, my dog, my family, my friends.

My 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe is showing signs of wear and age.  I am hanging on to it because at my age I am reluctant to invest in a new vehicle,I've recently been hearing some intermittent clu...