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Povey Prattle · 1d ago

Up, up and away.

18th September Limo toTo
Povey Prattle · 2d ago

Was it only a week ago?

This time last week (Sunday 6:35 p.m.)  I was at the home of my friends Bill and Pat as we waited out Irma.  Mutual friend Bob was also with us.We had just had an early dinner of Pasta and S...
Povey Prattle · 2d ago

My first time! (lunch with Deacon Allan Rogers at Chipotle)

Allan Rogers, (the excellent Deacon at St. Boniface Church, Siesta Key, FL)  and I had lunch today.At my request we went to the Chipotle on Frutville Rd in SRQ  (Fruitville and Honore).I had...
Povey Prattle · 2d ago

It's always the poor wot suffers. (Hurricane Irma)

It's always the poor wot suffers.As the memory of Irma recedes, some of us are very aware of the tremendous losses and destruction in the Virgin Islands, Barbuda, Puerto Rico and Cuba etc.Ma...
Povey Prattle · 5d ago

Post Irma Gratitude

YES!I forgot to add that immediately after Irma passed over (and I was unharmed and with electricity) , I was able to make some calls via  Skype to a brother and two sisters in the U.K They ...
Povey Prattle · 6d ago

Post Irma Musings

via Rosemary FAlthough I am not sure what I think about this (from T.V.?) graphic we certainly escaped the brunt in Sarasota.  More about that later.Many others were not so fortunate.  The F...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

For Sale! For Sale!

51/2  Gallons of fresh spring water,Not needed and not used in Hurricane Irma, Sep.. 2017.  (Gratefully). Never used.Certainly not re-cycled.Available for $5.50 or above,  plus shipping char...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Minor damage

My Lanai (a fancy word) is really what what more modest New Englander's would call a screened in porchThe anti-mosquito (etc) screen was dislodged in one panel.  I can probably repair myself...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Be prepared.

My lanai  (really a screened in porch) is so vulnerable to wind damage.So today I moved all the furniture inside   Flying furniture could do a lot of damage.My cat is so confused, she usuall...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

More about Irma and me.

Old "map"So it seems that the west coast of Florida will bear the brunt on Sunday evening.I say "it seems"   because the the potential route changes by the hour. For that reason I have cease...