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Povey Prattle · 20h ago


Paul Van D is an occasional worshiper at St. Boniface Church Tuesday morning Eucharist.As he left this week I noticed his new tattoo on the back of his leg.I said  "Paul, that's a very ........
Povey Prattle · 2d ago

Feeling downright crabby recently.

The best and most delicious Crab cakes I have ever eaten were in a Restaurant called "The Green Room" in Hendersonville, N.C.  Big chunks of Crab and next to no filler.The memory of that mea...
Povey Prattle · 3d ago

Vitality and energy at St. Margaret of Scotland Church.

I gave my home parish (St. Boniface on Siesta Key) a pass this morning and went out to St. Margaret of Scotland Church instead.  I was there partly because I have "supplied" there from time ...
Povey Prattle · 4d ago

Glen Oaks Ridge Condominiums, Sarasota FL

We are a community of 197 or so smallish, but two bedroomed units situated conveniently mid way between 1 75 and downtown Sarasota (and within sight of the Bobby Jones Golf Club)..We are peo...
Povey Prattle · 5d ago

Aloneness and loneliness are not the same.

A couple of years ago I wrote that I often feel sad at the end of the day, when the evening shadows fall.   A dear friend in Massachusetts (N.D.) said that she often feels that way.I've begu...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Oh Canadians!

Pastors and Priests are sometimes the objects of what is called "projection". Some worshipers want them to be the exemplars of a perfection which they (the worshipers) can never attain.(This...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

A ton of fun (and hard work) at Sarasota's Food Bank

https://www.allfaithsfoodbank.orgAt 8:00 this morning a score or more of St. Boniface Church members hooked up at our local Food Bank to assemble summer  food bags for children in Sarasota a...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Those pes'ky apos'trophes' s

E-mail from an acquaintance who had inquired about  Ben."So glad that he has another greyhound as a companion. Thanks’ for letting me know."
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Letter Carriers Food Drive

The N.A.L.C (National Association of Letter Carriers) has sponsored a Food Drive for  twenty five years.   The idea is to leave a bag or two of food by one's mailbox.  The mail man/woman wil...
Povey Prattle · 1W ago

Cardiac Follow Up

Following my cardiac surgery on May 4th I had a follow up with the surgeon, Dr. Frederick Yturralde this morning.I like him.  He has a good bedside manner, and he was able to answer the list...