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PPSIMMONS Network · 20h ago

Messianic Lite: Tetzaveh, “You Command”

Messianic Lite: Tetzaveh, "You Command"
PPSIMMONS Network · 2d ago

Trump Team Briefs Security Council on Mideast Peace Plan...

According to diplomatic sources, Kushner and Greenblatt said of the plan that "both sides are going to love some of it, and hate some of it."
PPSIMMONS Network · 2d ago


The suicide note left by Fidel Castro's eldest son reveals that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was the son of the late Fidel Castro.
PPSIMMONS Network · 2d ago

Alabama lawmaker to propose bill allowing teachers to carry guns at school

Alabama State Representative Will Ainsworth is introducing legislation in light of the school shooting in south Florida. Ainsworth is working on a bill that would allow some public school ...
PPSIMMONS Network · 2d ago

The Real Reason Why School Shootings Happen

The recent mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, has had the media flooding the internet with articles talking about gun control, psychologists, counseling, etc. But the rea...
PPSIMMONS Network · 3d ago

Pastor Caspar's Commentaries -Deeper Things Part 4

Your Words have great power, so start speaking blessings over others and yourself. "Calling things as not as if they were", according to the report of the Lord that you are already h...
PPSIMMONS Network · 3d ago

Is Dramatic Drop in US Abortion Rate Linked to Feminization of Men?

Abortion rates in the United States have fallen to a historic low, according to the latest data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC report, which was rele...
PPSIMMONS Network · 3d ago

UPDATE: From Kansas to Hawaii -- where billionaires buying homes to escape apocalypse...

Peter Thiel, the billionaire behind PayPal, is among the tech titans looking for a good place to go in the event of an apocalypse...
PPSIMMONS Network · 3d ago

Scientists detect 200 quakes at Yellowstone supervolcano... Swarm gaining momentum...

According to experts with the US Geological Survey, the latest swarm began on February 8 in a region roughly eight miles northeast of West Yellowstone, Montana.
PPSIMMONS Network · 3d ago


George Clooney continues his charitable giving– now half a million dollars to the March for Our Lives. He and wife Amal will make a…