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PresbyMusings There are no rules of architecture for a castle built in the clouds
PresbyMusings · 10h ago

Like A Dove

Several years ago, my wife Merideth and I visited Rome and spent some time at the Vatican.  At the time I was feeling a bit dusty and dry spiritually. I figured that if there was anywhere on...
PresbyMusings · 1d ago


PresbyMusings · 2d ago

Different - Week 3: "Speech"

I have a list of words that I would like to see eradicated from our cultural lexicon.  I don't ask for much--perhaps issuing hefty fines to people who use them until they learn not to would...
PresbyMusings · 4d ago

Taco Dreams

I'm on day 13 of The Whole 30 diet, which is designed to eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol from your diet.  In other words, all of the things that are enjoyable and awesome. I know ...
PresbyMusings · 5d ago

Stumble On.

When I was a kid, I remember being asked to ponder a question that was frequently posed in sermons, youth meetings, Sunday school and a host of other church environments.  The question went ...
PresbyMusings · 6d ago

God Is Love

Some years ago, I was asked to watch a video of a sermon by a pastor acquaintance of mine, who served a church in the same small town as me.  The pinnacle of the sermon came when my pastor f...
PresbyMusings · 1w ago


Everyone is angry.  At least that's what it seems like when I turn on cable news in the morning.  Or when I periodically scroll through my Facebook feed.  Every time I turn around I am being...
PresbyMusings · 1W ago

Easy Believism

I was reading an article today written by a once-prominent Christian leader, who was decrying the decay of contemporary Christianity because of "easy believism."  "Easy believism," according...
PresbyMusings · 1W ago

Different - Week 2: "Different"

I am going to give some of the best advice you will ever hear from a pastor. Are you ready for this?  I know that you came here today looking for at least one golden nugget of something like...
PresbyMusings · 1W ago

The God No One Can See

In my Bible reading this morning I read this verse from Hebrews chapter 11---a verse I've read over many times in my life, but this morning... I was struck by it like never before. I have pl...