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Игорь Тарадайник I love anime, manga and live action movies. Especially Guyver. My blogs are about Guyver, Naruto, ot...

Reads about: anime, manga, tokusatsu, art, cosplay

Emilia C Cavaliere

Reads about: anime, film, manga

Jesse Deselse Any super manga fans here? Check out my sites too!

Reads about: manga, anime, comics, comic, naruto

Massimiliano Pugli

Reads about: comics, fumetti, manga, anime, illustrazioni

Tiziano G. Bertoni

Reads about: letteratura, cinema, musica, racconti, michele ponte

Mavis Shaw

Reads about: tokusatsu, anime, kamen rider, music, manga

Viviana Monopoli

Reads about: alex oloughlin, robert, pattinson, fanspage, anime

Daniela Guadagni

Reads about: anime, manga, books, japan, literature

Andrea Pizzato

Reads about: viaggi, montagna, vacanze, travel, giappone

Matteo Marchetti

Reads about: art, business, marketing, photography, everyday life

Claudia Maltese

Reads about: manga, handmade, photography, comics, graphic novels

Elena Gabrielli

Reads about: japan, literature, japanese, anime, classics

Lara Gullen

Reads about: anime, film, manga

Giuseppe Cavallaro

Reads about: anime, manga, musica, cinema, diario

Tammy Stark

Reads about: manga, comics, graphic novels, anime, film

Acalia Fenders

Reads about: anime, manga, film, cinema, diario

Francesco De Paolis

Reads about: fumetti, comics, satira, fumetto, art

Marco Goi

Reads about: cinema, film, music, libri, letteratura

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