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Progress Pond · 1h ago

Casual Observation

You know, I think there should be a big penalty and more shame involved for those responsible for enacting legislation that is subsequently ruled to be unconstitutional: A federal appeals co...
Progress Pond · 19h ago

I’m a Peeliever

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Progress Pond · 1d ago

How Donald Trump Conned His Way to a Reputation for Great Wealth

Part of me thinks that if this had come out prior to the 2016 presidential election, it would have been devastating to Donald Trump, and part of me thinks that there’s simply no evidence tha...
Progress Pond · 2d ago

Inside the Dirty Tricks of Roger Stone

[The excerpt below is from a much longer article I wrote on the 2016 election which is not yet published. This segment is about the relationship between Roger Stone, Randy Credico and Donald...
Progress Pond · 2d ago

It Might Not Matter if Michael Cohen Flips on Trump

Anywhere you look this morning, you can find an article speculating on the likelihood that Michael Cohen will cooperate with federal prosecutors and implicate the president of the United Sta...
Progress Pond · 2d ago

Sometimes Things Break and They Don’t Get Fixed

Sometimes things break and they don’t get fixed, and that’s what has had me worried of late. We have an incredibly resilient system of government, and my admiration has grown as I’ve seen it...
Progress Pond · 6d ago

If Cohen Was in Prague, Trump Will Be Removed from Office

If Michael Cohen went to Prague, then Donald Trump will be impeached, convicted, and removed from office, assuming he doesn’t resign. Digby says it is the whole enchilada, and she’s right. B...
Progress Pond · 1W ago

Senate and Governor Approval Numbers are Bad News for Democrats

If you’re a Democrat, there is almost no good news in the latest Morning Consult governor and senator Approval Rankings. They can take comfort that it looks like they’ll be taking back the g...
Progress Pond · 1W ago

Trump’s Death Star Had a Weakness

Where to start? The president’s own executive branch of the government has such overwhelming evidence of criminality that they felt compelled to seek and were able to obtain the consent of t...
Progress Pond · 1W ago

Will the GOP Abandon the House to Save the Senate?

If it’s true that the Republicans are losing their edge with educated white voters over sixty, they’re going to suffer a political bloodbath in November bigger than anything most people have...