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Progress Pond · 6h ago

Sean Spicer Isn’t Taking Russia Issue Seriously

I was interested to see how White House press secretary Sean Spicer would respond to the swirling mess around House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes’s bizarre secret late night vi...
Progress Pond · 9h ago

Trump Isn’t Getting His Border Wall

There’s been a lot of speculation that President Trump’s heart wasn’t really committed to repealing Obamacare. He agreed to go along with the strategy of tackling the issue first, perhaps be...
Progress Pond · 21h ago

More Tunes

Still centering myself here:Read more →
Progress Pond · 1d ago

How an Unheard Of Tactic Slam Dunked Trump’s Agenda

You’ll be hearing a lot about something called the budget reconciliation process this week. It’s wonky, confusing, and probably boring to most people, but if you want to understand it (and y...
Progress Pond · 2d ago

Trump is Lashing Out

Two out of the last three tweets our president has blasted out have attacked Republicans. The first is hard to explain, but it told his followers to turn on Fox News at 9pm last night. Watch...
Progress Pond · 2d ago

Here’s How the Dems Might Block Gorsuch

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona is what passes for a moderate Republican these days. Few senators who weren’t running for president themselves were as outspoken as Flake about the shortcomings of...
Progress Pond · 3d ago

Trump Built His Own Prison

A lot of people will read the following excerpt and take away from it more confirmation that Donald Trump doesn’t know or care about policy, and that’s a legitimate takeaway. But I think, ul...
Progress Pond · 4d ago

Nunes Says Manafort Can Testify Any Way He Wants

Remember back in December 1992 when Senators John Kerry and Hank Brown released their massive report on the The BCCI Affair? It was put together by the United States Senate Committee on Fore...
Progress Pond · 4d ago

TrumpCare is ChumpCare

President Trump sent White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney down to Capitol Hill last night with an ultimatum to pass the health care reform bill or forever keep their peace. The meeting ...
Progress Pond · 4d ago

Health Bill’s Failure Would Tell Us A Lot

Things can always change, but as of now it looks like the plan is for Speaker Paul Ryan to bring the health care bill to a vote tomorrow under the threat, issued from the White House, that i...