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Psychic Carla Baron · 2W ago

Carla helped me choose the travel destination, and she told me about a man of a different culture that I would encounter, but the relationship wouldn’t take off until the “2nd time.” (Well, it happened just like Carla said it would!)

I had a reading with Carla in March 2016. I wanted some insight as to where I should travel for my birthday. Carla helped me choose the travel destination, and she told me about a man of a d...
Psychic Carla Baron · 3W ago

I was shocked when Carla picked up (not knowing) on some specific injuries my Daughter may have sustained, and the fact that her body was “hidden” for a day or so, and subsequently treated with a biodegradable chemical that is common for people’s lagoons and septic tanks in this area.

This coming September will mark the 4th year since Caitlyn – our beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend – vanished from our lives. My ‘kryptonite’ has been handed to me through this reading wit...
Psychic Carla Baron · 3W ago

Carla told me it seems to be the same soul of the last baby I miscarried – that sometimes they do indeed come back to you when the time is right.

Hi Carla, I wanted to thank you for reading me and my “Mardi Gras” baby today. The convers...
Psychic Carla Baron · 3W ago

I’ll be dad-gummed! That totally happened EXACTLY as she said & when she predicted it would!

Carla Baron, she’s 100% accurate, each & every time. I’ve been reading with her now for al...
Psychic Carla Baron · 1M ago

When I had my final interview later in the month, I was job offered a detentions position on the spot! Carla also got the timing of the process down to a millisecond. She said “within a month” and it literally wrapped up the last day of January – my reading was last week of December!

The first major sign that your reading was accurate occurred on Jan. 19th. I asked you during the reading what kind of academy I’d be in – “jails or patrol.” You said “jails,” and shortly after, my background detective contacted … Continue reading →
Psychic Carla Baron · 2M ago

Carla always impresses me with her ability to tap into the people around me and hit the nail on the head when talking about them without having to say anything about them besides their name. She describes them to a T.

I had a reading with Carla at the end of 2016. I was mainly interested in talking about a job prospect – before I even began to talk much about it, Carla advised everything looks good, the process would be … Continue reading →
Psychic Carla Baron · 3M ago

Carla said I need to find happiness on my own and not depend on someone else to make me happy. She said the only thing standing in my way is me. I know she’s right.

I reached out to Carla tonight to get some insight into my love life. I’m ending a marriag...
Psychic Carla Baron · 3M ago

Just because it’s television doesn’t mean you should sacrifice caliber, or ethics.

It’s a travesty for television execs to explore anyone who is a novice in this arena. It i...
Psychic Carla Baron · 4M ago

On a previous reading, Carla told me that I would need help to get pregnant. I asked her if she saw us with any children. Her response was “I see a boy child.” (As usual, Carla was right!)

After talking with you about needing help to conceive – and then discovering I had PCOS, i...
Psychic Carla Baron · 4M ago

Election 2016: The Day After

Well, there it is. America has chosen REVOLUTION once again. History is repeating itself, ...