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Psychic Carla Baron · 5M ago

“Just to give you an update, well you were obviously right with regards to your predictions from my last reading.”

Hi Carla, Hope you are keeping well. Just to give you an update, well you were obviously r...
Psychic Carla Baron · 6M ago

Carla next said – ‘attempt to contact the family as I will be instrumental in offering them a different direction to pursue – and to do this now.’ She then said that this was my destiny role – doing this kind of work with my gifts.

On Tues 12th Sept I booked a reading with Carla, which took place on Wed 13th Sept 2017. I’m in Barnet, Hertfordshire in the UK so we arranged to do the reading via Skype telephone. I had a ...
Psychic Carla Baron · 6M ago

I trust my sessions with Carla and there hasn’t been a time when it’s been wrong

I have been having sessions with Carla recently and I’ve told you all how accurate mine have been. I’m in a complicated situation, but she has allowed me to have clarity on things I didn’t know would be ok. Turns … Continue reading →
Psychic Carla Baron · 6M ago

More on my personal experience with the Natalee Holloway investigation

When we were in Aruba filming for Haunting Evidence (Court TV)… there is SO MUCH that was ...
Psychic Carla Baron · 6M ago

I will never seek anyone else for any other readings because this is the REAL DEAL! If you want accuracy you shouldn’t go anywhere else but Carla!

Hello all! Once again I am just over the moon about Carla! I have come to her with a crisis now at least 2x and I always hang up feeling like my head and my heart has been put at … Continue ...
Psychic Carla Baron · 7M ago

More insight into my work on the Natalee Holloway case

[REPRINT from original Facebook publishing dated March 18, 2016] #NataleeHolloway #JoranVa...
Psychic Carla Baron · 7M ago

I trusted Carla before I did a reading because I’ve watched her show and now more than ever I will never go to anyone else!

Hello everyone! So this is the 2nd reading I’ve had with Carla and I’m just never disappoi...
Psychic Carla Baron · 7M ago

The very first thing Carla said about my dad’s death was, “I’m up around his brain area.” (He died of brain cancer.)

My first reading was nothing short of life changing and incredible! I feel like a great we...
Psychic Carla Baron · 7M ago

Carla’s reading was SO accurate that I was shocked! I mean, I’ve seen your work and know what you’re capable of, but it was like wow!

Hello. I have just had my reading with Carla and it was amazing! I chose a half-hour readi...
Psychic Carla Baron · 8M ago

Carla was spot on about every detail!

Carla has once again, helped me immeasurably. Her talent has the ability to heal and calm the worst fears and emotions. I need to say that I haven’t talked with her in a year, but add that she was correct … Continue reading →