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Publius' Forum · 1d ago

Pandering? Megyn Kelly Suddenly Says She Left Fox News Because of Trump

-By Warner Todd Huston Megyn Kelly left Fox News this year with visions of NBC stardom in her eyes. But now, all of a sudden, she is saying she left Fox because of Donald Trump. Is this just...
Publius' Forum · 1d ago

Famed ‘Raging Bull’ Boxer Jake LaMotta Dies at 95

-By Warner Todd Huston Jake La Motta, the middleweight boxer profiled in the 1980 Robert Di Niro movie, “Raging Bull,” died at 95 Wednesday. The boxer became a household name in the 1940s ov...
Publius' Forum · 1W ago

Why We Must NEVER Forget the Outrage of 9/11!

-By Warner Todd Huston It has been 13 years since that horrible day in 2001 when terrorism hit America with a vengeance. But many want to forget and pretend it never happened and we already ...
Publius' Forum · 1W ago

NEVER Forget Our Loss

The post <hr />NEVER Forget Our Loss appeared first on Publius Forum.
Publius' Forum · 2W ago

White Nurse Arrested for Acting ‘Black’!

-By Gary Krasner As you’ll see shortly, that is MY headline. And this is the seminal issue of our time. First, watch this video. It is the story about the nurse in Utah who was arrested afte...
Publius' Forum · 3W ago

Buffalo Soldiers: Will Liberals Attack The Statues to Famous Black Soldiers Who Killed Indians?

-By Warner Todd Huston In their lust to destroy America’s history, anti-American, Antifa fascists have been attacking Civil War statues, statues to our founders, and even statues to Revoluti...
Publius' Forum · 3W ago

Hate-Filled, Liberal Sports Writer Stephen Douglas Can’t Even Wish a Trump Supporter a Wonderful Marriage

-By Warner Todd Huston St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Sean Gilmartin is engaged to marry newly appointed Trump TV spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and apparently Stephen Douglas doesn’t like it. Mc...
Publius' Forum · 4W ago

ESPN Pulls Asian University of Virginia Announcer Because His Name is Robert Lee

-By Warner Todd Huston If this isn’t the dumbest thing in the news today… According to reports, ESPN pulled an Asian American announcer off the William and Mary at University of Virginia col...
Publius' Forum · 4W ago

Atlantic Writer Claims Solar Eclipse is ‘Racist’

-By Warner Todd Huston Just ahead of this week’s solar eclipse, a writer for The Atlantic implied that the solar system was “racist” because the path of the eclipse fell across areas of the ...
Publius' Forum · 4W ago

City of Baltimore Removes Four Confederate Statues Under Cover of Night

-By Warner Todd Huston In a stealth purging of history, the city of Baltimore removed four Confederate statues from city property under cover of night early on Tuesday morning. City crews be...