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Publius' Forum · 3d ago


-By Gary Krasner From the outset, the Weiner affair has been pulsating and throbbing (no pun intended) with tabloid news excitement. Previously separated, now Weiner is cut off (no pun inten...
Publius' Forum · 4d ago

Vote Fraud Warning: Over 7 Million Voters Registered to Vote in More Than One State

-By Warner Todd Huston A new study has found that over 7 million American voters are illegally registered to vote in more than one state, and that doesn’t even include the number of counties...
Publius' Forum · 1w ago

‘Last Man Standing’ Star Tim Allen ‘Blindsided’ By cancellation of His Popular Sitcom

-By Warner Todd Huston After the hilarious ABC sitcom, “Last Man Standing,” was canceled this month, many fans became suspicious that the network only dumped the popular show because of its ...
Publius' Forum · 1W ago

Happy Mothers Day, 2017

To all our wonderful mothers, hope you all have a wonderful day. Tags: Mother's+Day The post Happy Mothers Day, 2017 appeared first on Publius Forum.
Publius' Forum · 2W ago

Everyone On Every Side is Lying About the GOP Health Care Bill

-By Warner Todd Huston It really is the most amazing thing, this Republican Health Care Bill. Usually, as a partisan, you can point to the lies from one corner of the political world and scr...
Publius' Forum · 2W ago

An Opened Letter from Actor Kiefer Sutherland: ‘Dear Hollywood, This is My Apology’

-By Warner Todd Huston Recently an envelope was found on the sticky floor of a coffee house in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and when opened it was discovered that a letter from actor Kiefer Sut...
Publius' Forum · 3W ago

[Film Review] ‘The Circle’: An Unrealistic Portrayal of Real Problems

-By Cernan Cabriesy Despite the star power of The Circle, the movie disappoints on so many levels. The story follows Mae Holland (Emma Watson) who gets the opportunity of a lifetime for a dr...
Publius' Forum · 4W ago

Blogger Claims Sean Hannity Sexually Harassed and Blocked Her from Fox News, Then Abruptly Denies Accusation

-By Warner Todd Huston After Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was fired over a long list of sexual harassment charges, a former Fox News guest and bomb throwing blogger has cast her own veiled ac...
Publius' Forum · 4W ago

The Publius Forum Top 100 Conservative Websites

-By Warner Todd Huston Everyone needs a handy single source for all the top conservative websites, so I decided to grab them all and put them down in one post for everyone’s convenience. The...
Publius' Forum · 1M ago

Florida Looms Large in the Ongoing Health Care Debate

Originally published at “The Shark Tank”, Florida’s political feeding frenzy. -By Warner Todd Huston As the State of Florida continues to be one of the nation’s key bellwether states it has ...