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Pull of the Sun · 11M ago

Bad Ocean

•Bad Ocean At the heart of the mountain, color is a whispered myth; rules are organic, grown truths. Rain is a sound without physical form. • Below the cliffs, lapping and hungry, the ocean ...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Our Trouble with Trouble

The Trouble with Trouble• We start in a parking lot, between two white lines. • Car radio sounds are heard: music to talk to music to talk… • Raw aluminum-alloy lamp posts, tall as prison to...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago


•><• My story is told; so go now you, be vivacious in waking, be courageous in dreaming, all the monster’s mimeographed madness to you is but harmless cottonwood drifting on the breeze. • #k...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Glorious Heights Inverted

/stash • |glorious heights inverted| • Humanity grows as the trees grow; • Solid and wide at the bottom, • And then branching, narrowing, and splintering into knotted blackened spikes at the...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Never A Checkered Flag Trailer (Video)

Here’s the teaser trailer for my short movie on Film Fights. Hope you’ll stop by their site for a quick watch and vote. Thanks. K. Shawn Edgar | Cheeseball | Hat Rack | To...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Printable: London Fallout Letter

† London Fallout Letter By K. Shawn Edgar † “Whatever happens now, do not interfere.” —Woodheavy Brown, In a letter to Edwin Meek, 1999 † “You’re a lion about the unicorn.” —Edwin Meek, In a...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Film Fights: The Box

Watch and vote for my last-minute entry into “Wait, What Was That Noise?” on the Film Fights website. On their homepage, click the “Middleweights” tab and watch “The Box” by Decapitated Pitc...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Dead Lands Rising ? Short Vid

At the Dead Lands near Gig Harbor, Washington… K. Shawn Edgar | Green Warrior | Cog Masher
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Sunlight Filtered through Glass

The rectangle of light shared with me two stories. One of energetic reaching and stabbing; another of subtle conjoining and bending. The first, illustrated with the bristled arms of aggressi...
Pull of the Sun · 1Y ago

Decapitated Pitchers’ Cinema Radio Hampire

Decapitated Pitchers Presents: Hampire, a short vampire parody Hampire: A Vampire Neo-Noir Parody from K. Shawn Edgar on Vimeo. A short movie about a self-indulgent vampire on an angst-fille...