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Pure Oxygen Generators · 4d ago

Camera Pets!

My niece always wants to pose for the camera since she was a kid. That hasn't diminished through the years. Because of the digital technology and the easy access to photos with celfones, she...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 2W ago

GBBD for April 2017

Uploading garden photos on April Fools Day  anticipating the 15th for GBBD might be too early. But that is a lesson learned when i forego posting for some months in the past because i am jus...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 3W ago

The Famous Milkweed

I have long been hearing and reading things about milkweed for a long time. It is famous because it is the host for the even more famous monarch butterflies, Danaus plexippus, which comes to...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 1M ago

Garden Residents Popped Again

 It is already very very dry and hot again. Our dry season just started in March, but the heat seems to already be in April-May, the height of our intense 2nd season. Here in Metro Manila th...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 1M ago

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, March 2017

March is an awkward month of the year in this country. It is when the "cold" easterlies stop and replaced by the hot winds. Literally, the air suddenly gets hot, it didn't even pass by warm!...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 2M ago

Critters, critters!

Garden CrittersI looked for the meaning of critters, and found that it is an informal word for any living creature, from a wolf to a spider! Oh so it would be correct to put what i am thinki...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 2M ago

First Flower Parade in 2017

I have always been missing the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. It is not unusual to realize it is already the middle of the month when i see the posts of my blogger friends on Facebook. When that...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 2M ago

In Focus: Hoya carnosa

Hoya carnosa is one of the most common hoyas. Most hobbyists start with this as the beginner will not be disappointed with it. It is comparatively easier to grow, not very choosy of environm...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 3M ago

Hoya mariae as Mellow Yellow

A fellow attendee in last year's lecture on hoyas at the local garden show brought a long vine of Hoya mariae. She is an FB friend and a plant hobbyist too, so encouraged me to plant what sh...
Pure Oxygen Generators · 3M ago

Mixed shots

 caught in the act Do you see the hairs on the hind legs? And it is not symmetrical!it looks like something elseCamera CrittersSaturday Critters