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Purl Buttons · 3d ago


TEA TIME TUESDAYAfter last weeks Sweet Tea Pie, here is another sweet treat. We have a Keurig at work and I sampled one of these and was instantly hooked. Then Safeway had them for half pric...
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


In February, I posted some resolutions. It has been about six weeks, so here is an update of my progress.1. 5,000 steps a day for one week, then bump up again until 10,000 is normal (Normal ...
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


ggggUGH! I forgot to tell you yesterday's pie picture was linked to its recipe for SWEET TEA PIE! Whoever heard of such a thing!Rains continue for us. I have learned to drive the interstates...
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


TEA TIME TUESDAY PI DAY EDITIONClick HERE to see this picture right on theTaste of the South site and find the recipe!I am feeling a little nostalgic for a Georgia Spring. Ironic, because WE...
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


MONDAY MANTRAI love Jon Stewart
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


It's Sunday, day of rest for many people. While you are reading this, I am cleaning house and doing laundry because I don't have to go into work until a little after 11:00. I am also writing...
Purl Buttons · 1W ago


This poor sad example. The BOSS said PINK and I didn't know if I was permitted to take the fur vest off of Tiny Tina. She is right next to the table where the small hides and pieces of suede...
Purl Buttons · 2W ago


Here's another one of my drapings--PINK is the theme!I tied the rayon into a knot at the back of the neck and then fanned it out to make a rose.  Looks like summer, doesn't it?
Purl Buttons · 2W ago


I am still enjoying my job and I have picked up a few hours. I think I am just this side of full-time. My feet and back are still bothering me but I may get used to it soon.I got to dress mo...
Purl Buttons · 2W ago


I was snowed on last week. Only a few flakes, but most of us in my area are tired of snow. I took a picture of these begonias outside my bank a few weeks back to remind me that spring IS on ...